DIY MUAH Flower Pot

Are you looking to brighten up your borning pot or a gift idea for your spouse? This DIY MUAH Flower Pot is perfect!

So, this year I’m going for a little more edgier Valentine’s Day! This way, these pieces can kind of stand the test of time in a way. Otherwise, we are busy packing up all those fun decors until next year, and that just won’t do! I’m trying to incorporate some pale/pastel pink in our living room decor upstairs and this Muah! Vase is the perfect addition!


  • Vase
  • Copper Foil Tape
  • Scissors


Simply start by cutting strips of copper foil tape. Begin by creating your letters, carefully as you can! This is fun, and you can have complete freedom with the arrangements and style of your lettering. Once you’re done, plop your plant in the vase and enjoy!

You might be wondering why copper foil tape? Firstly, it’s so easy to remove in the event you get sick of your vase begging for that kiss. Secondly, it’s just a lot of fun to work with! I like to play around with the versatility of this material. If you prefer, you can always use paint or a sharpie for a more permanent solution!

It’s pink, it’s shiny and oh so pretty! What do you think?

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