18 Amazing DIY Outdoor Chair Ideas

Furnish your bland yard with these amazing DIY Outdoor Chair ideas to arrange a cozy chilling-out corner for yourself!

Build a relaxing oasis in your backyard, patio, or porch with these DIY Outdoor Chair ideas to spend some quality time with family and friends.

DIY Outdoor Chair

1. DIY Cable Drum Rocking Chair

DIY Outdoor Chair 1

Follow this instructable to recycle a wooden cable drum into a quirky chair for your patio. This is one of the most amazing DIY outdoor chair ideas on this list.

2. DIY Hanging Lounge ChairDIY Outdoor Chair 2

Made with dowels, rope, and a drop cloth, this hanging lounge chair is a fun addition to an otherwise drab porch. Read more here.

3. Modern Outdoor Chairs

DIY Outdoor Chair 3

With this tutorial, a few supplies, and woodworking skills, you can easily make comfy modern chairs for your outdoor area.

 4. Aluminum Chair Makeover

DIY Outdoor Chair 4

If you happen to have a worn-out, vintage lawn aluminum chair, give it a new lease of life with a paracord, macrame cord, and this quick DIY.

5. Outdoor Folding Chair

Watch this video to DIY a foldable chair that is sturdy and easy to carry. It’s perfect for all your camping excursions.

6. DIY Adirondack Chair

DIY Outdoor Chair 5

Wooden Adirondack chairs are stylish and comfortable. Make one for yourself with these easy-to-follow instructions.

7. DIY Adirondack Rocking Chair

DIY Outdoor Chair 6

If you don’t like the classic Adirondack chair, build this rocking chair version that goes well with any outdoor setup.

8. DIY Concrete Chair

Here’s another elegant outdoor chair made of concrete and a little patience. This super durable chair will last for a long time.

9. Easy DIY Kids Patio Chairs

DIY Outdoor Chair 7

Make these colorful kids’ patio chairs to complete your outdoor furniture setup. Your children will love these beauties.

10. DIY Side By Side Patio Chairs

DIY Outdoor Chair 8

Introduce this side-by-side chair outdoors to share time, snacks, and beverages with your loved one. Check the instructions here.

11. Easy DIY Outdoor Chairs

DIY Outdoor Chair 9

These outdoor wooden chairs are lightweight and easy to move around. Either place them around the fire pit or wherever you desire.

12. Rustic Outdoor Chair

DIY Outdoor Chair 10

Build this snazzy chair to give your outdoor space a rustic touch. The step-by-step instructions are here.

13. Farmhouse Style Outdoor Chair

Farmhouse Style Chair

These white-hued chairs are the perfect way to give your porch a farmhouse-style look. Add an antique lamp and planters for an added charm.

14. Barrel Chair

Barrel Chair

Why always go with traditional chairs when you can whip up eye-catching ones with barrels and this instructable.

15. Upcycled Tire Chair

Challenge your inner DIYer for making this unique chair using tires. This furniture will surely attract a lot of eyeballs and praise too.

16. Paracord Laced Pallet Hanging Chair

Paracord Laced Pallet Hanging Chair

Recreate this wonderful paracord-laced pallet hanging chair to give your lawn beachy vibes. It’s a quick and budget-friendly project.

17. DIY Campfire Chair

All you need is a jigsaw, circular saw, and a wooden board to put together this campfire chair. The best part, no gluing or fastening is required.

18. $8 PVC Pipe Chair!

With PVC pipe and this video tutorial, you can easily DIY a fully functional chair for less than $10.

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