12 Best DIY Shower Melts

Make your shower a soothing escape with these amazing DIY shower melts that are affordable and completely natural!

Shower melts are a cheap and better homemade option to get spa-like aromatherapy right in your shower. Here’s a list of some wonderful DIY Shower Melts┬ácompiled only for you.

DIY Shower Melts

1. Lavender Shower Melts

DIY Shower Melts 1

As lavender is known for relieving stress and anxiety, add its aromatic essential oil to homemade shower melt to make your shower session more comforting.

2. DIY Citrus Shower Steamers

DIY Citrus Steamers

Make your own shower steamers with beneficial essential oils, sodium bicarbonate, distilled water, citric acid, cornstarch, and yellow soap colorant.

3. Peppermint & Lemon Essential Oil Shower Melts

DIY Shower Melts 3

Here’s the tutorial to DIY shower melt out of cornstarch, multiple beneficial essential oils, silicone molds, and witch hazel to enjoy spa-like aromatherapy at home.

4. Basic Shower Melts

DIY Shower Melts 4

Decorated with colored Epsom salt, this basic shower melt recipe is beginner-friendly and allows you to add different essential oils to the mix.

5. Lavender & Tea Tree Shower Steamers

Lavender & Tea Tree Shower Steamers

Filled with the goodness of lavender and tea tree essential oils, these shower steamers are best to uplift your mood.

6. Shower Melts for Cold and Flu

DIY Shower Melts 6

Say goodbye to cough and congestion by whipping up these crisp-smelling shower melts – a must-have bathroom accessory for the cold season. The details are here.

7. Shower Melts Without Citric Acid

DIY Shower Melts 7

Running out of citric acid? Don’t fret, check out this recipe, which doesn’t need citric acid to make a batch of shower melts.

8. DIY Uplifting Shower Bombs

DIY Shower Melts 8

Enriched with the pacifying aroma of lemongrass and orange essential oils, DIY these shower bombs to uplift the ambiance of your morning showers.

9. Three Ingredients Shower Melt Recipe

DIY Shower Melts 9

You only need three ingredients – baking soda, essential oil, and distilled water to prepare some cheapest yet aromatic homemade shower melts.

10. DIY Rose Shower Steamers

DIY Rose Shower Steamers

DIY rose shower steamers with dried rose petals and floral scent of rose essential oils to boost a positive thinking vibe.

11. DIY Vicks Shower Melts

DIY Vicks Shower Melts

If you don’t have essential oils, use Vicks Vaporub instead. These tiny pods are best to ease nasal congestion and also doubles up as a perfect gift for your loved ones.

12. Coconut Oil Shower Steamer

Coconut Oil Shower Steamer

Made with coconut oil, dried lavender buds, and lime essential oil, this shower steamer is the perfect means to start your day.

How to Use Shower Melts

Place a shower melt disc on the bathroom floor, away from the direct contact of the stream. When you’re ready for the shower, pour water on the pod to activate the fizzing reaction and enjoy its soothing aroma.

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