8 DIY Succulent Ball Ideas

Want a unique way to display your treasured succulent collection? These succulent ball Ideas are the perfect option!

Who said succulents can only be displayed in traditional planters? Discover these succulent balls that will change your perspective and give you new ideas. They are surprisingly easy to make, even for beginner DIYers.

DIY Succulent Ball Ideas

1. DIY Succulent Sphere Idea

DIY Succulent Balls 2

This giant succulent sphere is made from garden hanging baskets, coco liners, coir liners, and some succulent pups. Find out the rest of the supplies and instructions in this blog post.

2. Succulent Topiary-Style Ball on a Tall Urn

DIY Succulent Balls 3

Make your succulent collection stand out by displaying this topiary-style succulent ball on a tall urn. This vibrant living sphere is adorned with succulents in different colors, shapes, and sizes.

3. DIY Kokedama Succulent Ball

How to Make Succulent Balls

Gather green peat moss, succulent potting mix, water, twine, and succulents to create this lovely kokedama succulent ball. It can be a great decoration piece for home and office settings.

4. DIY Succulent Green Globe Idea

How to Make Succulent Balls 2

Learn the steps to create a green globe of succulents in this detailed blog post. Hang this ball on the garden, deck, or patio for added charm.

5. Succulent Ball Hanging from a Wire Plant Stand

Stunning Succulent Balls Ideas

Create this succulent ball to show off your love for plants and passion for handmade decor. This green sphere will look great on a wire plant stand.

6. DIY Cute Succulent Ball

Stunning Succulent Balls Ideas 2

Want a last-minute succulent display project for the porch or balcony? Look no further than this cute succulent ball. It’s super easy to make, thus a great DIY for beginners.

7. Hanging Garden with Three Succulent Balls

Hanging Garden with Three Succulent Balls

Make three succulent kokedama balls, hang them on a wooden dowel rod with jute rope, and your hanging succulent garden is ready. This wall-hanging decor piece is perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings.

8. DIY Hanging Succulent Ball

DIY Hanging Succulent Ball

This hanging succulent orb is a modern take on a classic hanging basket. Suspend it from your porch or the side of a garden shed to create an impressive display.

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