Do Coleus Like Sun or Shade? | Is Coleus a Sun or Shade Plant?

Want to grow a gorgeous foliar specimen but wondering, Do Coleus Like Sun or Shade? Read on to find the answer below!

Coleus can brighten up any drab space with a stunning display of contrasting, colorful foliage. If you want to grow this gorgeous plant but don’t know whether Do Coleus Like Sun or Shade? Find the answer below.

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Do Coleus Like Sun or Shade?

Do Coleus Like Sun or Shade 1

Coleus (Plectranthus scutellarioides) has a mixed need for sun and shade to produce attractive, bright-hued foliage. However, the light requirement varies according to the variety. Modern cultivars thrive in the full, hot sun, while the old seeded varieties love the shade.

Coleus Plant Sunlight Requirements

Do Coleus Like Sun or Shade 2

Many cultivars of the ‘Plectranthus scutellarioides’ need around 5-6 hours of filtered sunlight in the forenoon, and shade in the afternoon. In humid climatic conditions, some coleus varieties can tolerate full sun entire day. Always remember that the coleus needs sufficient sun exposure to get its visually appealing multicolored leaves.

Note- Before planting coleus in your home or garden, read the label carefully to know the sunlight requirement.

Coleus Varieties for Full Sun

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Here is the list of some gorgeous coleus cultivars that are sun-resistant and do well in sunny areas.

  • ColorBlaze coleus
  • Coleosaurus
  • Henna
  • Wasabi coleus
  • Red Carpet
  • Blonde Bombshell
  • Box Office Bronze

Coleus Varieties for Shade

Do Coleus Like Sun or Shade 4

For partially sunny or shady areas, choose coleus that can easily tolerate low-light conditions. Some of the best cultivars are:

  • Stained Glassworks Molten Lava Coleus
  • Honey Crisp
  • Stained Glassworks Eruption Coleus
  • Cranberry Bog

Indoor Light Requirements for Coleus

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In warmer months, coleus needs indirect light to thrive indoors. Whereas 2-4 hours of direct sunlight is sufficient if you’re growing this beautiful plant in the winter. Read this helpful article to learn more.

Why is Coleus Losing Color?

Why is Coleus Losing Color

Exposing shade-loving coleus varieties to full sun for an extended period of time leads to scorched and discolored leaves. But If your garden is in a sunnier area, always choose full sun-loving cultivars.

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