Do Deer Eat Mums Plants? | Are Chrysanthemums Deer Resistant?

Do Deer Eat Mums Plants? Read on to learn the answer and how you can protect those lovely chrysanthemums from being invaded!

Deer are notorious creatures infamous for wreaking havoc on flowering plants and leafy greens that come their way. But Do Deer Eat Mums Plants? Read this article to clear your cloud of doubt!

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What Are Mums?

Do Deer Eat Mums Plants?

Mums, also known as chrysanthemums and chrysanths, are gorgeous flowering plants. They are adored by gardeners for their pretty colorful blooms. This ornamental plant is also an excellent organic pest control option, thanks to the ‘Pyrethrin’ compound.

Do Deer Eat Mums Plants?

Do Deer Eat Mums Plants?
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The answer to ‘Do deer eat mums plants?‘ is “Yes.” According to this research, deer seldom munch on chrysanthemums. But in the absence of their preferred food, they can destroy your chrysanths and the entire landscape. Fortunately, there are some ways by which you can prevent their invasion easily that are discussed below.

How to Stop Deer From Eating Mums?

Do Deer Eat Mums Plants? 3

Here are some surefire ways to stop deer from eating your gorgeous mums.

  • Homemade Deer Repellent- Are you looking for an inexpensive, all-natural homemade deer repellent recipe? Check out this blog.
  • Get a Dog- All you need is a canine to keep deer out of your landscape. Even dog urine is an excellent deterrent too.
  • Install Garden Deer Fence- Fencing is the most humane way to repel deer from your property. Install a deer-proof fence using this tutorial.
  • Use Coyote Urine- Sprinkle coyote urine around your yard or on the mums to keep deers at bay.
  • Garlic- Deer hate the pungent smell of garlic. Crush a handful of garlic, place them near the mums, and that’s it.
  • Introduce Deer Deterrent Plants- Grow mint, bearded Iris, peonies, and zinnias along with chrysanthemums to get a deer-free yard. Read the detailed list here.

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