Do June Bugs Bite | How to Get Rid of June Bugs

Do June Bugs Bite? Keep reading to know whether or not June bugs bite and some natural ways to get rid of them!

June bugs are a nuisance and doesn’t pose any health risks. But Do June Bugs Bite humans? Let’s find out below!

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What Are June Bugs?Do June Bugs Bite1

June bugs are also known as June beetles and May beetles. These are the common names of 300 species of beetles that belongs to the ‘Phyllophaga’ category. They are black or reddish-brown and available in different sizes; they vary from 12-25 mm. June bugs are nocturnal and can be easily noticeable, wandering around the porch lights at night. They are infamous for damaging the vegetation of gardens and pastures.

Where Do June Bugs Come From?

The life cycle of June bugs begins with an egg. In midsummer, adult female June bugs deposit eggs just below the soil surface. Within 3 to 4 weeks, larvae/grubs start hatching. In this stage, grubs are a serious nuisance, destroying lawn grass by eating their roots. Then, the larvae go through three instars and the molting process twice. After eating for three consecutive years, grubs enter the pupa stage in May or June. The adult June bugs emerge from the pupa stage in late summer, burying themselves deep under the soil during the freezing winter. They come to the surface the following May or June for the final time to complete their life cycle.

Signs of Beetles or Grubs Infestation

There are a few indicators that will help you to find out beetles or grubs infestation in your garden or lawn.

  • Having brown patches in your yard.
  • Moles are natural predators of grubs. So if you’ve moles issue, then grubs might be there in your lawn too.
  • Small holes in leaves and plants.
  • If you notice skunk holes (predators of grubs) being dug in your garden or lawn overnight, this might indicate the infestation of beetles and grubs.
  • Dig the turf and look out the soil carefully for a grayish-white caterpillar-like bug to confirm the presence of the grubs in your yard.

Do June Bugs Bite?Do June Bugs Bite2

June bugs are seasonal pests, they might hiss or jump on you if annoyed, but they don’t bite or sting. The reason might be their mouthparts, which are not strong enough to hold human skin. However, they can damage the foliage of your trees, shrubs, and other plants by feeding on them.

Are June Bugs Dangerous?

Luckily, June beetles are benign to human beings and pets. However, eating a lot of them is dangerous to your dog’s health and can lead to stomach issues, vomiting, & diarrhea. If your pooch ingests June bugs excessively, don’t panic and call the vet immediately.

How to Get Rid of June Bugs And Grubs Naturally?Do June Bugs Bite3

Even though grubs and June bugs don’t bite, they harm the vegetation and your pets. That’s why it’s necessary to get rid of them for good. Follow the below remedies to eliminate June bugs from your yard.

1. DIY Natural Insecticide

Add 4 minced garlic cloves with 1 tbsp of mineral oil into a bowl & leave it overnight. The next morning, strain out the garlic bits and transfer the oil into a bowl. Then, mix 2 cups of water & 1 tsp of Dawn dish soap into it. Now, empty 2 tbsps of the prepared concentrate with enough water into a spray bottle. Your natural insecticide is ready to use. Spritz it on the June bugs and around your garden to eliminate them.

2. Try Electric Bug Zappers

Electric bug zappers are one of the easiest and quickest ways to kill the June bugs. Setup one or two in an isolated corner far away from other light sources. Electric bug zappers eliminate June beetles by releasing UV light that draws them to the device’s core, where they get electrocuted to death.

3. Use Beneficial Nematodes

Grubs are the most destructive and vulnerable stage of June beetles. If they are lurking in your lawn or garden, then purchase some beneficial nematodes from your local gardening store. In this way, you not only kill the grubs but also eliminate other harmful pests. Apply the nematodes in the problematic area as directed on the label.

4. Bacillus Thuringiensis

Bacillus thuringiensis is a natural product that is effective against the grubs of June beetles. Like beneficial nematodes, Bacillus thuringiensis is your best bet to get rid of grubs and other destructive garden pests. Sprinkle or spray it throughout your lawn as instructed in the product label.

How to Keep June Bugs Away From Porch Light?Do June Bugs Bite 4

Despite being nocturnal, June beetles are always get attracted to light sources. That’s why they are a real nuisance at night around the doors, windows, and porch area. With the help of these methods, you can keep them far away from the porch light or house entrances.

June bugs and their grubs are not a threat to human beings, but they can damage your vegetation severely. Therefore it is essential to get rid of them quickly!

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