How to Keep Bugs Away From The Porch Light

Have a bugs-free porch without using any harmful chemicals and expensive treatments. Read this article on how to keep bugs away from the porch light.

How to Keep Bugs Away From The Porch Light1

Nobody likes to get swarmed by bugs after opening their front door at night. This happens due to the porch light that works like a magnet to attract little pesky bugs. If you are constantly facing this issue, then don’t worry, below are some tips that either repel or kill them for good.

How to Keep Bugs Away From Porch Light?

Try these methods to stop bugs from wandering around the porch light or house entrances.

1. Turn off Unnecessary Porch Lights

One of the easy and cost-effective ways to keep bugs away from the porch is to turn off the unnecessary lights. Not to mention that it would save electricity too.

2. Replace the Traditional Bulbs

How to Keep Bugs Away From The Porch Light1

According to an authoritative source, incandescent bulbs, CFL, and halogen bulbs attract the highest number of bugs. If you’re still using these products, replace them with a warm yellow-orange LED bulbs, as it draws the least amount of bugs in comparison to them.

3. Purchase a Bug Zapper

The bug zapper is one of the most effective ways to get rid of bugs. However, it’s not a pocket-friendly option for most. Bug zapper works by releasing blue, glowing UV light that drags the winged bugs to the electrified core of the device and electrocutes them death.

4. Try Essential Oil as Repellents

How to Keep Bugs Away From The Porch Light3

Instead of using bug zappers and new bulbs, you can try natural repellents to keep the bugs far away from your porch and house. Add 20-25 drops of eucalyptus essential oil along with 2 cups of water into an empty spray bottle and spritz it around the porch out-of-the-way spots. Redo this method twice a day.

5. Install a Screen

Install good quality mesh screens around the porch sitting area. Make sure to choose a screen that is small enough to prevent the entrance of tiny bugs from cracks. However, this method may cost you a couple of hundred dollars, but it’ll restrict the bugs from coming near to the porch light.

6. Light Citronella or Geraniol Candles

Light Citronella or Geraniol Candles for bugs

Burn a couple of citronella or geraniol candles on a table and place them below the problematic porch light. According to a study, these candles repel many flying insects, especially mosquitoes, because of their intense aroma.


Stopping the bugs from wandering around the porch light is a cumbersome task. However, after trying one of the above tips, this job will become a lot easier for you. Besides, if you’re looking to get rid of the stink bugs, then this article might help you.

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