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With a multitude of health benefits, there are numerous Epsom salt uses. Let’s find out whether does Epsom salt kill ants or not!

What Is Epsom Salt?Does Epsom Salt Kill Ants1

Named after the Epsom town of Surrey, England, Epsom salt, alias magnesium sulfate, or bath salt. Epsom salt is not suitable for culinary purposes because, unlike regular salt, it tastes bitter and unsavory. It’s mostly used as a major ingredient in salt detox baths to gain astounding health benefits. Besides, Epsom salt is an impeccable household cleaner as well. But does Epsom salt kill ants? Let’s find out!

Does Epsom Salt Kill Ants?

Does Epsom Salt Kill Ants2

No, Epsom salt can’t kill ants. Many remedies are floating all over the internet to get rid of ants using the Epsom salt, but they are baseless. However, Epsom salt is an impeccable deterrent against black ants. You can also use this versatile salt to eliminate hard water stains and soap scums from the bathroom.

How to Identify Ants Infestation?

To find out whether your house is infested by ants or not, notice the below signs carefully.

  • Do ants visit your home more often? If yes, then it’s possible that a colony is present somewhere around your property.
  • Winged ants appearing from the ceilings, cracks, and holes is also a signal of a severe infestation.
  • Long trails of ants appearing in your backyard or lawn.
  • Rustling noise coming from the inside of your house’s wooden structure.

Other Natural Ways to Kill Ants

If Epsom salt doesn’t get the job done, what should you do to get rid of ants? No worries, we have collected a couple of natural ways below to do kill ants.

1. Try Borax

Try Borax

Borax is a potent remedy to eliminate ants from your property. All you need is borax, sugar, warm water, a bowl, cotton balls, and this recipe to get the job done. This hack works by attracting ants to the bait using sugar, and the borax will kill them upon its ingestion.

2. Use Boric AcidDoes Epsom Salt Kill Ants3

Boric acid is also an effective and cheap product to kill ants. It works by disintegrating their exterior shells and stomachs. Mix 1/4 tsp of boric acid, 1 tbsp of sugar, and 1/2 cup of lukewarm water into a bowl. Soak few cotton balls in the solution and place them where you’ve seen ants.

3. Dawn Dish SoapDawn Dish Soap

Dawn dish soap kills ants on contact by damaging their exoskeletons. Combine 1-2 tbsps of dawn dish soap and 2 cups of water into an empty spray bottle. Shake it well and spritz the solution on the ants and over the mounds. Repeat this hack daily until all the ants are dead.


Before using the above ways to handle ants infestation, make sure to read the below precautions carefully.

  • If your property is severely infested with ants, it’s highly recommended to call a pest control professional.
  • Instruct your kids and pets to stay far away from the treated area.
  • Wear safety gears such as good quality breathable mask, hand gloves, and a goggle for safety purposes.

Ants Prevention Tips

Alongside eliminating ants from your property, follow the below measures to prevent their future infestation.

  • Wipe any food and liquid spillage quickly as it attracts ants.
  • Run vacuum all-around your house on a regular basis.
  • Make sure to keep your kitchen sink squeaky clean.
  • Patch the holes, cracks, gaps, and other entryways to block their entrance.
  • Deposit the food items in airtight sealed containers.
  • Eliminate the heaps of clutter from your yard and trim the grasses periodically.
  • Empty and clean all the garbage cans regularly.
  • Clean your pet’s food bowl daily and discard the leftover food instantly.
  • Install window screens and door sweeps to prevent ants’ entrance.
  • Eliminate standing water from inside and outside of your house.
  • Repair the leaky pipes without any delay.
  • Use dehumidifiers in the moisture-prone areas of your home as ants love moisture.

Final Thoughts

After reading this article, you’ll get to know why Epsom salt does not seem to be a promising candidate to get rid of ants. For any suggestions and queries, please feel free to hit the comment button below.

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