Does Lysol Kill Ants?

Lysol is a popular brand of disinfectants and all-purpose cleaners. But does Lysol kill ants? Let’s find out below!

Does Lysol Kill AntsAnts are eusocial insects, ranging from 0.08 to 1 inch in size, come in various hues and appearances. They play an important role in the ecosystem. However, most ants are a nuisance to homeowners, while some causes damage to house structures and vegetation. That’s why if you want to eliminate their existence, have a look at this article about Does Lysol Kill Ants?

What Attracts Ants to Your Home?

Ants get attracted to the home because of the availability of food and water. Anything sweet and sticky such as maple syrup, juices, sugar, honey, decayed fruits, and pet food draws the attention of ants swarm. Furthermore, ants like to eat other insects’ dead bodies as well.

Ant Fact- Instead of sugar, some ants eat salt to maintain their bodily functions.

Does Lysol Kill Ants?

Does Lysol Kill Ants 2

Lysol is an ideal budget-friendly fix to kill ants. This method dehydrates ant bodies on contact and blocks their tiny spiracles. Plus, Lysol disrupts ants’ pheromone trail, preventing their swarm from coming inside the home. For this hack, combine 2-3 tbsps of ‘Lysol All-purpose Cleaner’ and a cup of tepid water into a spray bottle. Spritz the mix all over the ants, their trails, and colonies.

If the Lysol hack doesn’t work for you, try the below home remedies.

  • Borax- As borax is a well-known desiccant, it eliminates ants by dehydrating their bodies. Mix something sugary with borax to allure them for consumption. Read more here.
  • Dawn Dish Soap- For an economical and kids-safe hack, dawn dish soap is the best bet. It works on contact by rupturing the ants’ exoskeletons, resulting in a quick death. All you need is dawn, a spray bottle, water, and this DIY.

Ant Prevention TipsDoes Lysol Kill Ants 3

Follow the below tips to prevent ant infestation in the first place.

  • Fix damaged, leaking pipes and hoses.
  • As ants love to dwell in moisture-prone areas, install one or two de-humidifiers in the basement, crawl spaces, and attics.
  • Patch holes, cracks, gaps, fissures, and other possible ants’ entrances in and around the house with silicone caulk.
  • Use door sweeps and window screens to halt ants’ movements.
  • Wipe food and liquid spillage immediately.
  • Wash your pet food bowl daily and dump any leftover food.
  • Preserve the food especially sugary ones, into sealed containers.
  • Remove food crumbs from under the kitchen appliances, countertop, and sink.
  • Empty and clean the trash cans regularly.
  • Make your yard free from clutter and mow the grasses periodically.
  • Put the firewood 15-20 feet away from the foundation walls.

Quick Note- If you’re dealing with a severe ants infestation, hiring a professional exterminator is highly recommended.

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