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After removing the tree stump, grinding residuals make the yard ugly. That’s why find out the Easiest Way to Clean Up Stump Grindings below!

Easiest Way to Clean up Stump Grindings 1

At some point or another, yard owners have to cut their trees due to a disease or damage, followed by stump removal using a stump grinder. As a result, the remnants, such as wood chips and sawdust scattered everywhere around the yard, degrade its appearance. That’s why if you want to learn the Easiest Way to Clean up Stump Grindings, read this article.

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Easiest Way to Clean up Stump Grindings

Cleaning the grinding residuals is quite a chore. Learn how to get rid of stump grindings with these easy steps.

#1 Grab the Required Tools

Easiest Way to Clean up Stump Grindings 2

Before beginning the cleaning process, gathering the essential gardening tools is a vital step to combat sawdust and wood chips.

  • Hand Gloves
  • Boots
  • Shovel
  • Rake
  • A Hand Push Garbage Trolley

#2 Let’s Begin the CleaningEasiest Way to Clean up Stump Grindings 3

Once you’ve collected all the essential tools, wearing safety gear such as hand gloves and boots is necessary because using your bare hands can cause cuts and splinters. After that, with a shovel and rack, collect the grindings into a hand-push garbage trolley. Continue this process until all the sawdust and wood chips are gathered properly. After that, toss them in the trash can.

What to Do With Stump Grindings?Easiest Way to Clean up Stump Grindings 4

Discarding the stump grindings is not the only option. You can reuse the grindings. If you want to know what to do with sawdust and wood chips from stump grinding, here are some suggestions.

  • Stump Grindings as Mulch – Wood chips of stump grindings are an effective and cheap product for mulching. Scatter the grindings on the top of the soil around your garden plants, trees, and shrubs. It restricts the growth of weeds, holds moisture, and keeps roots cooler.
  • For Walkway – Spread the tree stump grindings strategically around your yard or garden to make a small walkway. For this, create an outline of your walkway, cover the top of the soil with tarpaulin, and cover it with stump grindings. It benefits you by reducing soil erosion and preventing weeds growth.
  • Traction on Snowy Sidewalks – In the winter season, ice and snow make the road surface slippery. Stump grinding is a cheap and effective way to combat this issue. Simply spread a thick layer of stump grindings on the snowy sidewalks to increase the necessary traction.
  • As a Firestarter – Why spend your hard-earned money on purchasing firestarters when you can make a lot using sawdust. Firestarters are useful to light bonfires during camping, especially in winter. Follow this DIY to create cheap firestarters at home.

Note- While removing the grindings from your property, instruct your kids and pets to stay far away.

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