10 Amazing Elk Mount Ideas

Turn your hunting trophies into timeless home décor with these stunning Elk Mount Ideas! Here’re the top picks!

Are you looking to display your elk trophy in a creative way with a special touch? This article has an array of Elk Mount Ideas for your inspiration.

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Elk Mount Ideas

1. Elk Barnwood Pedestal Mount

Elk Mount Ideas 1

This low-ceiling elk pedestal mount is a bold statement piece for any setting. In this setup, the elk head is mounted atop a rustic barnwood pedestal. It boasts a shelf and door with an antler handle.

2. Elk Antler Wall Mount

Elk Mount Ideas 2

Want to display your elk antlers in a unique and creative way? Then you only need metal plates like those in the image to show off your prized trophy. It’s one of the best elk mount ideas on this list.

3. Elk Shed Wall Mount

Elk Mount Ideas 3

Grab studs, screws, and a clamp to showcase your elk shed on the wall without any professional help. In this way, you’ll get a conversation-worthy focal point in a few minutes.

4. Invisible Elk Horn Wall Mount

Elk Mount Ideas 4

Crafted from transparent acrylic, this mount gives the illusion that elk antlers are floating on your wall. It’s a minimalist and clever way to exhibit your prized hunting trophy.

5. Cow Elk Full Body Mount

Elk Mount Ideas 5

Featuring a life-size cow elk walking on a faux habitat base, this taxidermy floor mount is a sight to behold for many. It’s a perfect decor piece for a living room or a hunting lodge.

6. Faux Elk Head Wall Mount

Faux Elk Head Wall Mount

This eye-grabbing faux elk head wall mount is sure to add nature-inspired charm to any home interior. It’s completely artificial, thus an excellent alternative to conventional taxidermy.

7. Elk Shoulder Wall Mount

Shoulder Wall Mount Idea

The elk shoulder wall mount is a popular and traditional way to display an elk trophy. This option is perfect for those who want a daily reminder of their hunting achievements.

8. Embellished European Elk Skull Mount

Embellished European Skull Mount Idea

Instead of displaying a simple elk skull on the wall, adorn it with a brooch, tiny crystals, and baguette rhinestones for a chic look. This Euro elk skull mount is a timeless statement piece that adds an intriguing and unconventional aesthetic to any interior decor.

9. Life Size Elk Floor Mount

Life Size Elk Floor Mount

In this floor mount, a life-size elk is posed walking on a custom wooden base featuring land, driftwood, and plants. This setup is sure to attract attention and admiration from guests and visitors.

10. Cow Elk Head Mount

Cow Elk Head Mount

As cow elk don’t have antlers like male elk, the head mount style is more compact and suitable for smaller spaces. Plus, it’s also great for homes with low ceilings.

Elk Mount Ideas: FAQs

1. How Much Does an Elk Shoulder Mount Cost?

The price of an elk shoulder mount largely depends on the taxidermist’s skill, reputation, and local market rates. The complexity of the pose and any special requests can also affect the price. Before choosing a taxidermist, consider his\her previous work, turnaround time, and customer reviews.

2. How to Mount an Elk Skull?

Choose a sturdy mount board with the appropriate size and color for your display. Securely attach a bracket to the board using screws. The bracket should be properly sized for the skull. Using strong, flexible wire or a specialized skull hanger, securely fasten the elk skull to the bracket. Adjust for balance, ensuring the skull hangs straight. Depending on the mount, you might need to drill into the skull. Finally, hang the mounted skull on a wall stud for support, using heavy-duty hardware to ensure safety.

This article is intended purely to provide ideas for displaying elk mounts and does not in any way endorse or support elk hunting.

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