11 Flowers Similar to Lily of the Valley

Check out these Flowers Similar to Lily of the Valley and turn your barren garden into a beautiful floral sanctuary!

Are you a fan of Lily of the Valley and looking for flowers with a similar look and feel? There are a handful of flowers that mimic this beautiful specimen. Read on for the best ones!

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Flowers Similar to Lily of the Valley

1. Japanese PierisFlowers Similar to Lily of the Valley 1

Botanical Name – Pieris japonica

Japanese Pieris closely resembles the lily of the valley with its drooping clusters of white bell-like blooms. This specimen is a common sight in the mountain thickets of southeast China, central to southern Japan and Taiwan.

2. Canterbury Bells

Flowers Similar to Lily of the Valley 2

Botanical Name – Campanula medium

With 1-3 inches wide bell-shaped flowers, Canterbury Bells is like a bigger and better version of Lily of the Valley. These blooms come in shades of blue, pink, purple, and white.

3. Spanish Bluebell

Flowers Similar to Lily of the Valley 3

Botanical Name – Hyacinthoides hispanica

This perennial showcases nodding, bell-shaped flowers on sturdy stalks. Its blooms are highly poisonous to human beings upon consumption.

4. Ladybells

Flowers That Are Like Lily of the Valley

Botanical Name – Adenophora confusa

Adorned with racemes of bell-like, purple-blue blossoms, this specimen creates a breathtaking floral display. These beautiful flowers are known to draw bees and butterflies.

5. Summer Snowflake

Summer Snowflake

Botanical Name – Leucojum aestivum

Summer snowflakes can be mistaken for the lily of the valley with their bell-shaped flowers. This bulbous perennial can become 24″ tall in occasionally wet, well-drained soil.

6. White Mountain Heather

White Mountain Heather

Botanical Name: Cassiope mertensiana

The nodding flowers of white mountain heather are similar to the lily of the valley due to their bell-like appearance. These blooms beautify landscapes from June to September.

7. Solomon’s Seal

Solomon’s Seal

Botanical Name – Polygonatum odoratum var. pluriflorum ‘Variegatum’

Make your landscape stand out with the dangling, white bell-like blooms of this variegated variety. It also features 4 inches-long dark green foliage with white edges.

8. Fetterbush

Lily of the Valley-like Flowers

Botanical Name – Pieris floribunda

Similar to the lily of the valley, this specimen offers clusters of tiny, bell-shaped flowers in spring. This cold hardy evergreen shrub hates high temperature and humidity.

9. Spring Snowflake

Flowers That Are Like Lily of the Valley

Botanical Name – Leucojum vernum

Spring snowflakes are prized specimens among gardeners for their dainty, bell-like white blooms. This award-winning flowering plant is hardy to USDA zones 4 to 8.

10. Swamp Doghobble

Blooms That Are Like Lily of the Valley

Botanical Name – Eubotrys racemosa

The drooping blooms of swamp doghobble look quite identical to the lily of the valley. Its white flowers contrast beautifully against the glossy green leaves.

11. Lingonberry

Lingonberry in garden

Botanical Name – Vaccinium vitis-idaea

This evergreen ground cover is a conversation-worthy specimen thanks to the nodding, white bell-shaped blossoms and dark red fruits. Its berries are a vital food source for grouse, songbirds, chipmunks, and black bears.

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