8 Flowers That Look Like Grapes

Make your garden stand out by growing these Flowers That Look Like Grapes. They are sure to create a visual feast for the eyes!

Imagine walking through a garden and stumbling upon flowers that look like grapes. These special plants can bring a delightful twist to the landscape and traditional floral displays. Read on to learn more about these botanical marvels.

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Flowers That Look Like Grapes

1. Noble Orchid

Flowers That Look Like Grapes 1

Botanical Name – Cymbidium goeringii

The flower buds of this orchid variety mimic the appearance of grapes. Its buds open in the late winter to early spring to give white, pink, or purple blooms.

2. Bushkiller

Flowers That Look Like Grapes 2Botanical Name – Cayratia japonica

Bushkiller’s tiny pinkish or yellowish blooms look similar to bunches of grapes. This vine also offers white or purple berry-like fruits in fall, which add to its grape-like appearance.

3. Starch Grape Hyacinth

Flowers That Look Like Grapes 3

Botanical Name – Muscari neglectum

This hyacinth variety produces spikes of densely packed obovoid flowers that look like clusters of grape. Its dark blue blooms are a great addition to floral arrangements.

4. Mashua

Flowers That Look Like Grapes 4

Botanical Name – Tropaeolum tuberosum

Mashua flowers look identical to grapes with their round shape. However, the bright color and petal structure are the differentiating factors.

5. Grape Hyacinth

Flowers That Look Like Grapes 5Botanical Name – Muscari armeniacum

Its tiny blooms are round and grow closely together in a cluster similar to grapes, hence the resemblance. Their dark blue or purple hue adds to the grape-like appearance.

6. Pearls of Spain

Pearls of Spain

Botanical Name – Muscari botryoides ‘Album’

The grape-like blossoms of this plant are pure white in shade with a mild fragrance. They are tightly packed on flower spikes, mimicking the appearance of grape bunches.

7. Love Plant

Love Plant

Botanical Name – Medinilla magnifica Lindl.

Native to the Philippines, its flowers are round in shape and grow in bunches like grapes. This flowering plant is used for ornamental purposes.

8. Yellow Grape Hyacinth

Yellow Grape Hyacinth

Botanical Name – Muscari Macrocarpum

Resembling long yellow grapes, the flowers of this hyacinth species appear from the bulbs in mid-spring. First, the blooms are gray-purple in color, but they become yellow after maturity.

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