10 Flowers That Look Like Penises and Male Genitalia

Make your boring landscape stand out in the neighborhood with these downright fascinating Flowers That Look Like Penises!

If you want quirky green specimens that draw attention and spark conversation, look no further than these flowers that look like penises.

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Flowers That Look Like Penises

1. Penis PlantFlowers That Look Like Penises 1

Botanical Name – Amorphophallus decus-silvae

The elongated, cylindrical spadix (inflorescence) of this plant resembles a penis, hence the name. It emits strong rotting flesh like odor during the blooming period.

2. Helmet OrchidFlowers That Look Like Penises 2

Botanical Name – Coryanthes speciosa

This orchid variety has a bulbous central column (hypochile) that looks similar to a phallic in appearance. The rose-pink hue further enhances its quirky look.

3. Flamingo FlowerFlowers That Look Like Penises 3

Botanical Name – Anthurium andraeanum

Flamingo flowers are popular among gardeners for their colorful, heart-shaped waxy spathes and penis-like yellowish spadix. This anthurium variety can grow up to 2-3 feet tall and wide.

4. Dragon LilyFlowers That Look Like Penises 4

Botanical Name – Dracunculus vulgaris

Dragon lily is a tuberous plant with a penis-like spadix and maroon-purple spathe. It’s a common sight in Greece, Crete, the Aegean Islands, and Turkey.

5. Purple Bell VineFlowers That Look Like Penises 5

Botanical Name – Rhodochiton atrosanguineus

The striking blooms of purple bell vine mimics the appearance of male genitalia. This is due to their 3-inch long dangling tubular flowers with bulbous ends.

6. Amaranthus

Flowers That Look Like Penises 6

Botanical Name – Amaranthus spp.

Turn your garden into a center of attraction with the penis-shaped flowers of amaranth varieties. These red or burgundy blooms appear in dense clusters on the terminal inflorescences.

7. Bushman’s PipeBushman’s Pipe

Botanical Name – Ceropegia ampliata

The tube-shaped flowers of bushman’s pipe looks quite identical to the male genitalia and condoms. They are 2.8 inches long, white with green longitudinal stripes.

8. Bishop’s HeliconiaBishop’s Heliconia

Botanical Name – Heliconia episcopalis

This Heliconiaceae family member showcases bright red to peach colored elongated bracts that resemble penis. It can become 2.5m tall in full sun to semi-shade and moist, well-drained soil.

9. SnapdragonsSnapdragons

Botanical Name – Antirrhinum spp.

Snapdragons made this list of penis-resembling flowers due to their closed flower buds that are cylindrical with swollen tips. Its blossoms are available in various colors, including reds, orange, yellow, and maroon.

10. Madagascar JasmineMadagascar Jasmine

Botanical Name – Stephanotis floribunda

Popular for its intensely fragrant tubular blooms, the closed flower buds mimic the appearance of male genitalia.

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