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Do you admire all things floral? Get your hands on these stunning Flowers That Look Like Roses for a dreamy garden makeover!

If you want to include captivating Flowers That Look Like Roses to enhance the appeal of your outdoor space, read this article till the end.

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Flowers That Look Like Roses

1. Moss Rose

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Botanical Name- Portulaca grandiflora

The blooms of this easy-to-grow flowering plant resemble miniature roses and come in a variety of bright hues. It’s a drought-tolerant plant.

2. Gardenia

Botanical Name- Gardenia

The glorious gardenia is a popular houseplant because of its aromatic white rose-like blossoms. Learn how to grow gardenia here.

3. Dahlia

Botanical Name- Dahlia

This plant offers exotic blooms in a range of violet, magenta, and pink colors that closely resemble roses. Avoid growing this flowering plant if you have dogs and cats because it’s toxic to them.

4. California Poppy ‘Rose Chiffon’


Botanical Name- Eschscholzia californica

Popular for the pink-colored, crepe-paper-like flowers with yellowish centers, the rose chiffon poppy is an excellent alternative for roses.

5. Desert Rose ‘Red


Botanical Name- Adenium obesum

This ornamental adenium variety is a slow-growing plant featuring luscious, deep red-colored, rose-like blooms. It tolerates neglectful watering.

6. Lisianthus


Botanical Name- Eustoma

Prettify your indoor or outdoor garden with the rose-like stunning flowers of lisianthus that comes in blue, white, pink, and purple colors.

7. Windflower

Van Zijl geraniums

Botanical Name- Anemone coronaria

Prized for the gorgeous blooms that are available in different shades, this plant loves well-draining potting medium and part shade to full sunlight exposure.

8. Double Impatiens


Botanical Name- Impatiens walleriana

Comes in the shades of fuchsia, red, pink, and white, the blooms of double impatiens are reminiscent of roses. Grow this flowering plant to enhance the aesthetic appeal.

9. Buttercup

Botanical Name- Ranunculus

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces, buttercups are another excellent alternative to roses. It produces cheery, multi-petaled blossoms that come in gorgeous shades of red, peach, yellow, orange, and white.

10. Double Late Tulip

Botanical Name- Tulipa ‘Annelinde’

This tulip variety has large, double-petaled blooms, resembling roses. The double late tulip grows best in full sun and a well-drained growing medium.

11. Tuberous Begonia

Botanical Name- Begonia × tuberhybrida

This begonia variety produces plump and ruffled blossoms in a variety of hues. It needs partial shade and well-drained soil to survive.

12. Tulips

Botanical Name- Tulipa

Although tulips are available in different shades such as pink, red, white, blue, and magenta, the red-colored ones closely resemble roses.

13. Carnations


Botanical Name- Dianthus caryophyllus

The showy ruffled flowers of carnation varieties make a glorious display in vases and bouquets.

14. Callery Pear

Botanical Name- Pyrus calleryana

The tiny white flowers of Callery pear look just like roses when their petals are opened partially or a little bit. It does best in moist, well-draining soil.

15. Peony

Botanical Name- Paeonia

Peony is a perennial flowering plant and its blossoms have stunning similarities with roses. You can grow this plant indoors and outdoors for a captivating display.

16. Camelia


Botanical Name- Camellia japonica

Do you like roses? If yes, consider growing camelia because its deep red-colored flowers look nearly identical to roses.

17. Cotton Rose

Botanical Name- Hibiscus Mutabilis

Give your home an eye-catching feature by growing this cotton rose plant for its eye-catching white, light pink, or dark pink blooms.

18. Sweetbay Magnolia

Botanical Name- Magnolia virginiana

Native to North America, the sweetbay magnolia produces fragrant white flowers. This plant loves both full sunlight and partial shade.

19. Japanese Quince


Botanical Name- Chaenomeles japonica

The vibrant red blooms of the Japanese quince resemble miniature roses from a distance. Read more about this plant here.

20. Chinese Bush Cherry


Botanical Name- Prunus glandulosa

This shrub features pink-hued, double flowers that appear quite rose-like. The Chinese bush cherry plant can tolerate a variety of soil conditions and likes full sun to partial shade.

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