11 Beautiful Flowers With 4 Petals | 4 Petalled Flowers

Check out these beautiful Flowers with 4 Petals and make your garden the focal point of your barren property!

From vibrant colors to subtle hues, these flowers with 4 petals are a standout choice for gardens and floral arrangements.

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Flowers With 4 Petals

1. Crosswort

Flowers With 4 Petals 1

Botanical Name – Cruciata laevipes

Crosswort is treasured for its tiny yellow flowers with a four-petal arrangement. This perennial sprawling plant is common in meadows, riverbanks, grassy areas, and open woodlands.

2. Watercress

Flowers With 4 Petals 2

Botanical Name – Nasturtium officinale

Watercress is a semi-aquatic plant that offers small white, four-petaled blooms. This Eurasian native can grow up to 4-18 inches tall in favorable conditions.

3. Sweet Rocket

Flowers With 4 Petals 3

Botanical Name – Hesperis matronalis

Sweet Rocket is admired by gardeners for its fragrant purple flowers and edible leaves. Its beautiful blooms attract butterflies, songbirds, and other pollinators in late spring.

4. Sweet Alyssum

Flowers With 4 Petals 4

Botanical Name – Lobularia maritima

Sweet alyssum stands out with its dainty white blooms and lance-shaped to oval gray-green foliage. This flowering plant thrives abundantly in full sun to partial shade in a well-drained potting mix.

5. Western Wallflower

Flowers With 4 Petals 5

Botanical Name – Erysimum capitatum

Native to North America, the Western wallflower offers vibrant yellow or orange four-petaled blossoms. This specimen is an important food source for wildlife, including caterpillars, butterflies, and moth species.

6. Heartleaf Bittercress

Flowers With 4 Petals 6
shutterstock/Michael Stubben

Botanical Name – Cardamine cordifolia

Adorned with beautiful four-petalled blossoms, the heartleaf bittercress is a sight to behold in streams, ponds, and lakeshores. Its heart-shaped leaves and flowers are safe for consumption.

7. French Willow

Beautiful French Willow

Botanical Name – Epilobium angustifolium

A rhizomatous perennial wildflower, the French willow produces magenta-purple blossoms in full sun to partial shade. It’s a popular addition for cottage and rock gardens.

8. Elkweed

Elkweed White Flower
shutterstock/Pierre Williot

Botanical Name – Frasera speciosa

Popular for its striking appearance, elkweed is a perennial herb with starlike blooms. These flowers feature four petals and sepals. This plant is often found in open woodlands and meadows.

9. Rose bluet

Rose bluet

Botanical Name – Houstonia rosea

Make your garden stand out in the neighborhood with the showy blossoms of rose bluet. This small perennial prefers sandy or rocky soils and open, sunny spots.

10. Chinese Privet

Chinese Privet

Botanical Name – Ligustrum sinense

A member of the Oleaceae family, the Chinese privet boasts clusters of tiny, four-petalled white flowers in spring. This aggressive shrub can become 6-15 feet tall and wide in optimal growing conditions.

11. Hoptree

Outdoor Hoptree
shutterstock/Lipatova Maryna

Botanical Name – Ptelea trifoliata

Hoptree is a deciduous small tree or shrub with small greenish-white to greenish-yellow flowers. This understory tree is often found in woodlands and along streams.

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