Gem Ornament as Air Plant Holders

A creative way to repurpose gem ornaments is by using them as air plant holders. Want to know more? Continue reading.

The joy of repurposing things is unparalleled especially if the object repurposed was not going to come in any other use. With Christmas holidays coming to an end indulge yourself in this fun activity to make use of gem ornaments.


  • Gem Ornaments
  • Air Plants
  • Hooks


Simply place your air plant into you gem ornaments and hang! That’s it – so easy!!

You can plan on just having them hang on your dowel tree for now, but once the holidays are over you can also use some twine to hang them up in your home somewhere. Don’t worry; you’ll probably see it sometime on Instagram!

As these ornaments look so lovely and you don’t want to pack them up just yet, we are so happy for finding out another purpose and excuse to keep them out year round!

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