7 Hawaii Trees with Orange Flowers

Bring tropical vibes to your monotonous outdoor space by growing one of these Hawaii Trees with Orange Flowers!

If you want to transform your landscape into a tropical paradise, simply check out this list of magnificent Hawaii trees with orange flowers. They not only bring a burst of color but can also create a serene Hawaiian atmosphere in any space.

Hawaii Trees with Orange Flowers

1. Ohi’a LehuaHawaii Trees with Orange Flowers

Botanical Name – Metrosideros polymorpha var. incana

Ohi’a Lehua is a Hawaiian native with showy orange flowers and egg-shaped fuzzy leaves. This perennial tree can grow up to 20 feet tall in favorable conditions.

2. Royal Poinciana

Botanical Name – Delonix regia

This evergreen tropical tree is loved by Hawaiians for its clusters of orange-red flowers. It does best in moist, well-drained soil and full sunlight exposure.

3. African Tulip Tree

African Tulip Tree

Botanical Name – Spathodea campanulata

With its upward-facing orange and yellow flowers, the African tulip tree attracts pollinators from late winter to spring. This specimen requires regular watering until well-established.

4. Cooke’s Koki`o

Botanical Name – Kokia cookei

An endangered species of the Malvaceae family, this Hawaiian native produces orange-red blooms and lobed foliage. It loves to bask in full sun and does best in USDA zones 10-12.

5. Wiliwili

Botanical Name – Erythrina sandwicensis

Featuring claw-shaped orange flowers, this tree grows at higher elevations of 1,950 feet across all the main Hawaiian islands. Besides orange, the blooms also come in shades of red, salmon, peach, light green, yellow, and white.

6. Kou TreeHawaii Trees with Orange Flowers

Botanical Name – Cordia subcordata

This small to medium-sized tree stands out with beautiful scentless orange flowers. It blooms year-round in coastal areas and other sunny zones of Hawaii.

7. Sea HibiscusHawaii Trees with Orange Flowers 1

Botanical Name – Hibiscus tiliaceus

Sea hibiscus is a small evergreen tree with funnel-shaped flowers that change color throughout the day. In the morning, they are bright yellow and later become dull orange to pinkish before dropping off in the afternoon.

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