15 Tropical Plants With Orange Flowers

Discover the allure of Tropical Plants With Orange Flowers that turn your garden into an exotic paradise! Here are the top picks!

When it comes to making a bold statement in your garden, Tropical Plants with Orange Flowers stand out. These lush, vibrant options add instant curb appeal and are surprisingly easy to care for.

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Tropical Plants With Orange Flowers

1. Canna

Tropical Plants With Orange Flowers 1

Botanical name: Canna indica

Transform your garden into a tropical haven with Canna’s bold orange flowers. Flourishing in sunny spots with well-drained soil, this robust plant brings vibrant color and a touch of the tropics to your landscape.

2. Chinese HibiscusTropical Plants With Orange Flowers 2

Botanical Name: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

Bring the allure of the tropics to your space with Hibiscus’ show-stopping orange blooms. This easy-to-care plant enjoys part shade/part sun and well-drained soil. It’s admired by gardeners as an ornamental plant.

3. Bird of ParadiseTropical Plants With Orange Flowers 3

Botanical Name: Strelitzia reginae

Native to South Africa, the bird of paradise plant features striking orange flowers and gray-green foliage. Keep this botanical wonder indoors in a sunny area to get its focal point -worthy showy blossoms.

4. Bougainvillea

Tropical Plants With Orange Flowers 4

Botanical Name: Bougainvillea spp.

Adorn your landscape with Bougainvillea’s cascading orange flowers. Flourishing in full sun and well-drained soil, plants in this genus create a vivid display against fences and trellises.

5. Pot marigoldTropical Plants With Orange Flowers 5

Botanical Name: Calendula officinalis

The pot marigold is a popular annual plant with vivid bright orange or yellow flowers that add a cheerful touch to landscapes. It can be grown in flower beds, borders, or containers. Moreover, pot marigold is fairly easy to grow.

6. Lantana

Tropical Plants With Orange Flowers 6

Botanical Name: Lantana camara

This tropical plant with clusters of small orange flowers is a sight to behold. Endemic to the West Indies and Mexico to Tropical America, this plant can grow up to 1 to 6 feet. It can easily tolerate poor soil and drought-like conditions.

7. FrangipaniTropical Plants With Orange Flowers 7

Botanical Name: Plumeria spp.

Frangipani, known as Plumeria, is renowned for its fragrant, vibrant orange blossoms. This tropical perennial thrives in warm climates, often gracing outdoor landscapes or as a potted indoor plant.

8. Flowering MapleTropical Plants With Orange Flowers 8

Botanical Name: Abutilon spp.

Abutilon is a diverse genus of flowering plants characterized by their pendulous, lantern-like blooms in orange, yellow, pink, and red shades. These plants are native to tropical and subtropical regions but have been widely cultivated for ornamental use.

9. Trumpet VineTropical Plants With Orange Flowers 9

Botanical Name: Campsis radicans

The trumpet vine, native to the southeastern United States, bears vivid orange-hued flowers that attract hummingbirds and butterflies. This fast-growing, woody vining plant with orange flowers often covers fences, trellises, or walls.

10. Flame LilyFlame Lily

Botanical Name: Clivia miniata

The flame lily is a tropical perennial house plant with orange flowers. Its eye-catching flowers excel in various settings, from garden beds to indoor pots. Originating from South Africa, this plant prefers well-drained soil and partial shade.

11. Barberton DaisyBarberton Daisy

Botanical Name: Gerbera jamesonii

Amp up the look and feel of your monotonous landscape with barberton daisy’s orange blossoms. This herbaceous perennial flowering plant prefers well-drained potting medium and full sunlight for prolific growth.

12. Lion’s EarLion's Ear

Botanical Name: Leonotis leonurus

The lion’s ear is a perennial plant that boasts two-lipped tubular orange flowers, often attracting hummingbirds and butterflies to the garden. Suitable for container and ground planting, it thrives in well-drained soil and full sun. Despite its tropical appearance, the plant is surprisingly hardy and can tolerate a variety of climates.

13. Common NasturtiumCommon Nasturtium

Botanical Name: Tropaeolum majus

The common nasturtium is a versatile annual plant that graces gardens with its vivid orange flowers. Easy to grow and care for, its bright orange blooms serve as an eye-catching focal point in any garden setting.

14. Oriental PoppyOriental Poppy

Botanical Name: Papaver orientale

The oriental poppy offers bold, red, or orange flowers that serve as a garden centerpiece from late spring to early summer. Native to Central Asia, this perennial botanical specimen is a notable mention in the list of tropical plants with orange flowers.

15. Mexican SunflowerMexican Sunflower

Botanical Name: Tithonia diversifolia

The Mexican sunflower is a robust perennial thrives in hot, sunny conditions. Highlighted by its bold orange blooms, this plant attracts pollinators like butterflies and bees.

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