How Long Do Silica Preserved Flowers Last

Using silica gel, blooms can be dried quickly and hassle-free, before they wilt. But how long do silica preserved flowers last? Read on to learn more!How Long Do Silica Preserved Flowers Last1

Being a desiccant, silica gel is the best tool to capture flowers’ beauty longer than usual. The granules of silica gel absorb all the moisture from the blooms and thereby gives you well-preserved blossoms. Before telling you how long silica-preserved flowers last, first, let’s see a list of blooms that retain their shape and color perfectly with silica gel.

Best Flowers to Preserve with SilicaHow Long Do Silica Preserved Flowers Last2

Always pick flowers that are fresh, perfectly formed, and in the perkiest condition for optimal preservation. To cut your hassle, we have compiled a list of some of the best flowers that preserve well with silica gel.

  • Peony
  • Rose
  • Snapdragons
  • Larkspur
  • Amaranth
  • Tulip
  • Marigold
  • Aster
  • Hydrangea
  • Lilac

How Long Do Silica Preserved Flowers Last?

Flowers preserved through silica gel are not everlasting but can last long up to a year. However, with good care and maintenance, they can often survive longer. A number of factors affect your dried flowers’ survival time, such as the condition of blooms before preservation, the method used, and where you store the blossoms after preservation.

DIY Silica Gel Flower PreservationHow Long Do Silica Preserved Flowers Last3

Despite your best efforts, you can’t keep the flowers for long. But don’t fret, with the help of this silica gel hack, you can easily preserve them for a longer period of time. Without any further ado, let’s learn how to preserve flowers with silica gel.


  • Silica Gel
  • Airtight Plastic or Metal Container
  • Fresh Flowers
  • Scissors or Garden Pruners
  • Artificial Stems
  • Hair Spray


  1. First, grab your favorite fresh flowers and cut them, leaving no more than 1 inch of stem.
  2. Next, line an empty container with silica gel about 2 inches deep.
  3. Place the selected blooms upright on the silica gel bed inside the container, at equal distances.
  4. Then, pour enough amount of silica gel all over the flowers until they are completely covered. Make sure the silica gel gets into each and every petal evenly.
  5. Once it’s done, secure the airtight container with a lid, and leave it for 3-7 days. The drying time varies with the thickness of the flowers.
  6. However, don’t forget to inspect the flowers every 2 days to check if blooms are dried or not.
  7. Once they dry completely, remove the blooms very carefully and brush off excess silica gel using a super soft-bristled brush. Your flowers are ready to show their beauty.


  • If you want to use dried blooms for wreaths or other arrangements, attach artificial stems and spritz a fine coating of hair spray on the flowers to seal the moisture out.
  • To preserve dried flowers as personal collectibles, simply store them in sealed plastic or metal container to prevent re-hydration.
  • Before drying blooms with silica gel, make sure to remove any discolored and damaged petals.
  • Wear protective gear such as good quality rubber gloves and a face mask while handling silica gel.
  • If you want to preserve long strand flowers like amaranth, snapdragons, and larkspur, lie them on their side in the silica gel bed.
  • Don’t overdry blossoms as they can become brittle and crumble to the touch.

Final Thoughts

After reading the above article, we hope you get your answers. However, if you wish to preserve flowers quickly in comparison to silica gel, then you can try the waxing method.

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