How to Decorate With Belgian Style – Tips and Tricks

Learn how to decorate with Belgian style to give your abode a mishmash of evenly balanced touch of modern, traditional, and natural elements!

What Is Belgian Style?

Belgian style emphasizes restrained elegance. It’s more beautiful than shabby chic and a little more masculine than the Swedish style. Belgian style creates a simple yet cozy, elegant, and welcoming space with a touch of modern, traditional, and natural elements. This style gives the opportunity to play, personalize, and customize its appearance.

How to Decorate With Belgian Style?

To transform your abode’s decor partially or entirely into a Belgian style, it’s vital to learn the key elements mentioned below.

1. Warm and Neutral ColorsHow to Decorate With Belgian Style1

In Belgian style, neutral colors play a characteristic role, providing a pleasant feel with added warmth, coziness, and tranquility to space. Adopt neutral tones such as gray and beige that are light & airy, as shown in the image. White stripes and all sorts of soft color blends perfectly with this style.

2. Introduce LinenIntroduce Linen

As Belgium produces the finest linen in the world, it makes sense why linen is a prized material and a staple in the Belgian style interior. Adorn your windows with linen curtains to incorporate this elegant aesthetic into your home.

3. Appreciate Natural ElementsAppreciate Natural Elements

Belgian style is all about adding a blend of natural elements to the interior, such as weathered wood, ceramics, and stone. However, make sure to keep the components in their natural form rather than the well-polished and impeccably crafted natural accents to achieve the Belgian style look.

4. Lots of PatinaHow to Decorate With Belgian Style2

Patina is a crucial aesthetic feature of the Belgian-style interior. It’s a thin film that appears on the surface of the metals and the furniture due to oxidation, age, and exposure. As Belgian style strives on timeworn and weathered elements, you can include antique sculptural artwork and aged wooden furniture, as shown in the image, for Belgian style decor.

5. Awash of Natural LightAwash of Natural Light

As the Belgian style highlights all things natural, the interior must be filled with natural light. Install large windows to get an ample amount of sunlight to your rooms for a softer, warmer, and more inviting beautiful look. Using inside and outside greenery is also a good option.

6. Use Oversized FurnitureUse Oversized Furniture

Jumbo furniture upholstered in linen fabric is a valued staple in the Belgian-style interior. So, replace the existing one or buy big and natural-looking furniture. However, using too much of it dampens the aesthetic appearance of the Belgian-inspired interior.

7. Don’t Forget the SimplicityHow to Decorate With Belgian Style3

While decorating your house interior, always remember that simplicity is the tenet of Belgian style and clutter has undoubtedly no place in it. Incorporate the above-mentioned elements meaningfully without overwhelming the space to get a beautiful Belgian-style interior.

8. Balance of New and OldHow to Decorate With Belgian Style4

As the Belgian style is all about a balance between old and new, thus along with the patina, modern elements are also an important part of this style. Traditional stuff, when combined beautifully with contemporary elements, gives a dynamic and unique appearance. Take the image as an example, in which the pendants above the table gives a modern touch to this old style.

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