How to Remove Gum From Car Seat Easily

Don’t know how to remove gum from a car seat cheaply and easily without causing any damage to the upholstery? Let’s find out below!How to Remove Gum From Car Seat1

You drive the car to go a picnic or a trip to the nearest grocery store, and suddenly you notice chewing gum stuck on your vehicle seat, there are no words to describe that nasty feeling. If you often face such a similar situation, don’t fret and read this article that’ll help you take off the nasty gum without any fuss.

How to Remove Gum From Car Seat?

No matter whether gum gets stuck on your clothes, hair, or car seat, it’s a super messy situation to deal with. This condition not only makes your vehicle interior unsightly but damages the car upholstery as well. For this, we have collected some pain-free ways to remove chewing gum from the car seat in a jiffy.

1. Ice CubesHow to Remove Gum From Car Seat2

This method is effective because ice hardens the gum’s sticky substance, making it easier to scrape the gum particles. For this, put 3-4 ice cubes in a plastic bag. Then, place the bag directly on the gum until it becomes hard and solid. Next, gently scour the gum using a dull putty knife or a blunt scraper. Act slowly to avoid puncturing the fabric.

2. Try White VinegarTry White Vinegar for Gum

White vinegar not only removes the gum but cleans its stain as well. Pour undiluted tepid white vinegar into an empty spray bottle and spritz a fine mist on the sticky gum. Wait for 3-5 minutes allowing the vinegar to loosen the gum. Once it’s done, remove the gum with a scraper or tweezer. This hack is perfectly safe to use on vinyl and cloth car seats.

3. Use WD-40

Use WD-40 for Gum

WD-40 is a miraculous product that takes off the gum quickly and easily. For this approach, put on hand gloves and spritz a little bit of wd-40 on the chewing gum. Wait for 3-5 minutes and when the gum softens, take it off using a scraper or a knife. Once it’s done, wipe the seat surface with a damp cloth.

4. Hair Dryer

How to Remove Gum From Car Seat3

If the above methods don’t work for you, then all you need is a hairdryer to get rid of stuck gum from your car seat. Simply run the hairdryer on a heat setting and aim it towards the gum for a few minutes. When the chewing gum becomes soft, gently pull it away using a rag or a plastic bag.


  • After trying the above methods, if small bits of gum is left behind, use scotch tape or a commercial degreaser to get rid of them. Read the product label for a proper usage guide.
  • Never use the above methods on leather and faux leather car seats.

Final Thoughts

There’s no worse feeling when you put your hand on the car seat to find out the presence of stuck chewing gum. No worries, you can easily tackle this situation with the above hacks. Besides, head on to this article to clean your car battery terminals without the help of a service professional.

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