19 Little Black Bugs With White Spots

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If you’re crazy about bugs and insects, read this article about tiny Black Bugs With White Spots to find out what you saw in the garden.

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Black Bugs With White Spots

1. Ocellated Tiger Beetle

Black Bugs With White Spots 1

Tiger beetle, also known as Cicindela ocellata, is brownish to black with white dots. It has mandible-like mouthparts.

2. Mordella Marginata

Black Bugs With White Spots 2

Native to North America, the Mordella marginata is another one of the fascinating black bugs with white spots.

3. Eight-Spotted Flea Beetle

Black Bugs With White Spots 3

Belongs to the ‘Chrysomelidae’ family, this black and white beetle with orange thorax looks adorable.

4. Grape Leaffolder Moth

Black Bugs With White Spots 4

Featuring white dots on black wings, this moth is a minor pest of grapes in the United States of America. Learn more about this flying insect here.

5. Hairy Rove Beetle

Black Bugs With White Spots 5

This rove beetle species has a shiny black body with irregular silvery patches. It’s one of the amazing black bugs with white spots.

6. Baby Spotted Lanternfly

Black Bugs With White Spots 6

In the nymphal growth stages, the spotted lanternfly has a black body with white marks. However, the appearance changes as this bug develop.

7. Garden Fleahopper

Black Bugs With White Spots 7

Often mistaken for flea beetles, the garden fleahopper is indigenous to the eastern United States and Canada. Read more here.

8. Two-Spotted Assassin Bug

Black Bugs With White Spots 8

This noxious bug has a black-hued body with two white polka dots on the wings. This pesky little creature has needle-like mouthparts.

9. White Spotted Rose Chafer Beetle

Black Bugs With White Spots 9

Also familiar as Oxythyrea funesta, this black-colored beetle is covered with white spots, hence the name.

10. Eastern Eyed Click Beetle

Black Bugs With White Spots 10

This beetle species features two large black dots on the head resembling eyes and tiny silver flecks all over the body.

11. Mormidea V-Luteum

Mormidea V-Luteum

Belongs to the Pentatomidae family, this insect is one of the exquisite-looking black bugs with white spots.

12. Arhaphe arguta

Arhaphe arguta

Arhaphe arguta is a multicolored plant bug that creates sound by rubbing the body parts.

13. Domino Beetle or Six-Spot Ground Beetle

Domino Beetle or Six-Spot Ground Beetle

The domino beetles are black with six large, white dots on their back, hence the name. These species of beetles are common in North Asia.

14. Marbled White (Melanargia galathea)

Marbled White

The wings of Melanargia galathea are festooned with black and white marks. This butterfly is available in grasslands and meadows.

15. White-Spotted Fruit Chafer

White-Spotted Fruit Chafer

Adored by entomophile, this black flying bug with white spots feeds on blooms and leaves.

16. Eight-Spotted Forester Moth

Eight-Spotted Forester Moth

This black-colored forester moth has white and yellowish spots on its wings. The orange hairs on the legs make this critter more attractive.

17. Banded Alder Borer

Banded Alder Borer

Misidentified as Asian long-horned beetles, the banded alder borer is an exotic-looking critter thanks to the striking black and white coloration.

18. Asian Longhorned Beetle

Asian Longhorned Beetle

Native to eastern China and Korea, the starry sky beetle is black with irregular white flecks on the elytra and antennae.

19. Acmaeodera ornatoides

Acmaeodera ornatoides

Here is another shiny black beetle with white dots all over the body. It feeds on flowers and leaves.

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