Marbling Using Nail Polish

I have to admit, I’ve been wanting to marble something for a looooooong time! I’ve looked at all the different techniques, but the one that caught my attention was this Marbling Using Nail Polish DIY, which inspired this project So naturally, I gave it a try. Yep, it’s pretty safe to say that I instantly fell in love with how easy it was and how beautiful the results were.

All you will need is a container that’s big enough to submerge your entire object, nail polish and water. Right off the bat I am going to warn you that using old nail polish that you might have kicking around from who knows when will NOT work. I tried it all. It gives you clumpy results, rather than that nice smooth finish you’re looking for.

I used nail polish that was fairly new, it doesn’t have to be expensive by any means! Don’t be afraid to practice until you feel comfortable with your technique. I failed the first few times, but finally got it right on my final two projects. For decor, I simply used an As-Is candle holder form IKEA that we got for $2.50 and an old ceramic trophy I found at Target a couple years ago.

Fill your container with water and drop your nail polish into the water in whatever pattern you desire. I did little swirls, but you can do anything! You may choose to swirl the polish once it’s in the water with a skewer, but I let the polish take on it’s natural form. Don’t wait too long, within a few seconds you should be dipping your object carefully into your water/polish mixture. I simply pressed one side of my object straight down on one side of the container and turned it on the other side as it was making it’s way out of the water so the entire object was covered. If you just want to dip your object into the mixture, simply submerge it until you have the amount covered, depending on the look you are going for.

Carefully place on a dry surface. Do not touch until the object is completely dry! Once dry, display your piece and enjoy!  I’ve tried all kinds of colors, there are so many beautiful outcomes! It’s impossible to not have fun with this.

I ultimately chose a grey nail polish for a more modern look which better suits my decor, but I’ve also used a hot pink which was SO fantastic (keep an eye out for another Marble-y DIY soon)!

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