A great way to make something cool for coming valentines. The yarn project is quite simple and gives you space to experiment according to your taste. Not only for valentines but this Modern Pegboard Cross Stitch Heart is perfect, all year round.


  • Pegboard
  • Yarn
  • Pencil
  • Scissors


Merely start by sketching out the design you would like with your pencil as a guide. Cut enough strands of yarn to cover your pattern. They should be about as long as your forearm. Taking two at a time, pull through the first hole and tie with a knot to prevent the yarn slipping back though. Repeat this step until all the holes of your design are complete. At this point, your design looks like a shaggy mess. Don’t worry! Working one group of yarn at a time, begin by taking the opposite ends of your yarn and placing them in another free hole. You can have complete freedom with this part! Play around and have fun creating a unique cross stitched design. If you don’t like it, try again until you have a look you want! You can secure the opposite end of the strand by simply making another knot. Display and enjoy!

Pretty fun, right? This was such an easy project with significant impact! You can also try some other designs and colors! What do you think friends?