8 Fascinating Mushrooms That Look Like a Penis

Did you know there are some Mushrooms That Look Like a Penis? If not, then read this article that will amaze you for sure!

Nature can be naughty sometimes, and these mushrooms that look like a penis are the perfect living examples. If you want to learn more about these botanical marvels, this article is for you.

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Mushrooms That Look Like A Penis

1. Dead Man’s Fingers

Mushrooms That Look Like A Penis 1

Botanical Name: Xylaria polymorpha

Dead man’s fingers are remarkable fungi that resemble fingers or penises due to their erect, cylindrical shape. This fungus is inedible due to amatoxin and phallotoxin compounds, common in the world’s poisonous mushrooms.

2. Elegant Stinkhorn

Mushrooms That Look Like A Penis 2

Botanical Name: Mutinus elegans

This mushroom that looks like male genitalia is a foul-smelling fungus with a tapered shape and a slightly rounded tip. Instead of a cap, the elegant stinkhorn features slimy, greenish-brown spores.

3. Dog Stinkhorn

Dog Stinkhorn Mushroom

Botanical Name: Mutinus caninus

Dog stinkhorn mushroom has a shape and appearance similar to a penis, mainly because of its long, cylindrical structure with a pinkish hue. It emits a fetid odor that can be compared to a cat litter box.

4. Common Stinkhorn

Common Stinkhorn

Botanical Name: Phallus impudicus

The Common Stinkhorn resembles a phallic in appearance when mature because of its upright, columnar stalk and slimy conical cap at the top. Despite the unpleasant smell, this mushroom poses no danger to humans.

5. Dune Stinkhorn

Look Like A Penis
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Botanical Name: Phallus hadriani

Looks like the male genitalia, dune stinkhorn, belongs to the Phallaceae family. This Asia, Europe, and North America native mushroom has a pinkish or purplish hue.

6. Black Morel

Look Like A Penis

Botanical Name: Morchella elata

Common in woodlands and gardens, this penis-like mushroom can grow up to 3–6 in (7.5–15 cm) tall. It’s a popular edible fungus that can be eaten safely after cooking.

7. Netted Stinkhorn

Netted Stinkhorn

Botanical Name: Phallus duplicatus

Netted stinkhorn is another mushroom that looks like a penis with its long, cylindrical stalk. It also features a cap reminiscent of the glans penis, further adding to its quirky phallic-like appearance.

8. Ravenel’s Stinkhorn

Ravenel’s Stinkhorn

Botanical Name: Phallus ravenelii

Like other species of the Phallus genus, Ravenel’s stinkhorn gives off a strong rotting odor and mimics the appearance of a penis. The best part is that its eggs are completely edible.

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