7 Mushrooms That Look Like Daisies

Get ready to be surprised by the unique shape and structure of these intriguing Mushrooms That Look Like Daisies!

Did you know there are some quirky mushrooms that look like daisies? If not, then you’re in the right place. Read this article to learn more about these botanical marvels.

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Mushrooms That Look Like Daisies

1. Pleated Inkcap

Mushrooms that Look Like Daisies 1

Botanical Name – Parasola plicatilis

This mushroom has a radial, pleated cap, which mimics the petal arrangement of daisies. It thrives in grassy areas under direct sunlight in summer and fall.

2. Fragile Dapperling

Mushrooms that Look Like Daisies 2

Botanical Name – Leucocoprinus fragilissimus

The fragile dapperling stands out with its deeply grooved cap and a center eye. It has a 4-9 cm long and 1-2 mm thick, extremely fragile stem, hence the name.

3. Texas Star Mushroom

Mushrooms That Look Like Daisies 3

Botanical Name – Chorioactis geaster

Texas star mushroom has a split cap with star-like rays that look identical to daisy petals. This orange-hued fungus is a common sight in some Texas counties.

4. Fringed Earthstar

Mushrooms That Look Like Daisies 4

Botanical Name – Geastrum fimbriatum

At first glance, this mushroom species can be mistaken for a daisy with its 5-8 rays and central cone-like structure. The fringed earthstar generally grows close to the stumps of hardwood trees.

5. Snowy Inkcap

Snowy Inkcap

Botanical Name – Coprinopsis stercorea

A member of the Psathyrellaceae family, this mushroom boasts a 4-10 mm broad cap with a flower-like appearance. It thrives abundantly on sheep, horse, cow, goat, and donkey dung.

6. Miniature Woolly Inky Cap

Miniature Woolly Inky Cap

Botanical Name – Coprinopsis radiata

Coprinopsis radiata is adored by mushroom lovers because of its split cap that mimics the shape and size of daisies. This fungus is often used by mycologists as a model organism to study basidiospore formation.

7. Mauve parachute

Mauve parachute

Botanical Name – Marasmius haematocephalus

The mauve parachute is a daisy-like mushroom with a bright cap and delicate stalk. This fungus wilts in dry conditions but returns to full glory after rainfall.

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