6 Mushrooms that Look Like Eggs

Did you know there are Mushrooms That Look Like Eggs? If not, then check out this short yet informative article!

Not all mushrooms have the iconic toadstool-like appearance; some stand out with their eggs-like appearance. Read on to learn more about these peculiar mushrooms that look like eggs.

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Mushrooms That Look Like Eggs

1. Purple-Spored PuffballMushrooms that Look Like Eggs

Botanical Name: Calvatia Cyathiformis

When young, purple-spored puffballs look quite identical to eggs due to their oval shape and pale color. These mushrooms are a common sight in grassy areas and grazing paddocks.

2. European Egg Amedilla

Mushrooms that resemble eggs

Botanical Name: Amanita Ovoidea

Amanita ovoidea makes you look twice because of the egg-like appearance in its early stages of life. The white flesh of this mushroom is edible but has a strong, unpleasant scent.

3. Common EarthballMushrooms that resembling eggs

Botanical Name: Scleroderma Citrinum

The common earthball mimics the appearance of eggs with its round, slightly irregular shape and yellow-brown color. It can become 2-4 cm tall and 2.5-10 cm wide in favorable conditions.

4. BovistaMushrooms that resemble eggs 1

Botanical Name: Bovista

Bovista is a genus of puffball mushrooms that resembles eggs due to their oval, white-hued fruiting bodies. This genus was introduced by the South African mycologist Christiaan Hendrik Persoon in the year 1794.

5. Common StinkhornMushrooms that Look Like Eggs 1

Botanical Name: Phallus impudicus

In late summer and autumn, the common stinkhorn emerges from the ground about the size of a hen’s egg, with a whitish appearance. In some countries, this unique mushroom variety is considered a delicacy.

6. Lycoperdon curtisii

Botanical Name – Lycoperdon curtisii

Lycoperdon curtisii is another puffball mushroom that looks similar to an egg. It has soft spines during the initial growing stage but becomes spineless after maturity.

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