5 Mushrooms That Look Like Noodles

These peculiar Mushrooms That Look Like Noodles will make you look twice with their distinctive appearance!

Do you think you’ve seen everything nature has to offer? Get ready to be amazed by these quirky mushrooms that look like noodles. Read this well-curated article to learn more about these fascinating specimens.

Mushrooms That Look Like Noodles

1. Enoki Mushroom

Mushrooms that Look Like Noodles 1Botanical Name – Flammulina velutipes

Edible Status – Edible

Enoki, also known as winter mushrooms, look quite similar to noodles due to their long, thin stems. These Physalacriaceae family members grow in bunches on deciduous trees, logs, and stumps from October to May.

2. Cauliflower Mushroom

Mushrooms that Look Like Noodles 2

Botanical Name – Sparassis crispa

Edible Status – Edible

Cauliflower mushroom mimics the appearance of lasagna noodles with its flat and wavy lobes. You can find this peculiar mushroom at the base of pine, spruce, cedar, and larch trees. It’s popular throughout Europe and Asia for numerous medicinal benefits.

3. Strict-branch Coral

Strict Coral Mushroom

Botanical Name – Ramaria stricta

Edible Status – Not Edible

Strict-branch corals resemble noodles because of their slender, upright branches that grow in dense clusters on a short, stalk-like base. These bitter tasting fungus are a common sight on decaying conifer logs, stumps, and fallen tree branches.

4. Lion’s Mane MushroomMushrooms Resembling Noodles

Botanical Name – Hericium erinaceus

Edible Status – Edible

Native to North America, Europe, and Asia, Hericium erinaceus is another mushroom that looks like noodles with its 1-4 cm long, dangling spines. Its flesh is white and spongy with no distinctive taste or odor.

5. Fairy Fingers

Fairy Fingers Mushrooms
shutterstock/N. F. Photography

Botanical Name – Clavaria vermicularis

Edible Status – Edible

This mushroom piques the interest of mycologists with its clusters of upright, cylindrical fruiting bodies that are frequent on the forest floor. It looks like a bunch of noodles or wiggling white worms.

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