15 Narrow Hallway Decoration Ideas

Have a look at these Narrow Hallway Decoration Ideas that’ll add a spectacular appeal to your compact gallery!

To change the look and feel of your bland passageway, consider trying these ingenious Narrow Hallway Decoration Ideas!

Narrow Hallway Decoration Ideas

1. Runner, Artwork, and Pendant Lights

Narrow Hallway Decoration Ideas 1

Introduce a vintage runner, a pendant lighting fixture, and artworks to prettify your narrow hallway decor instantly.

2. A Passageway with Plants and Flowers!

Narrow Hallway Decoration Ideas 2

Modify your drab passageway with small potted plants, an intricate mirror, a sleek console table, and a vase full of flowers.

3. Create a Gallery Wall

Narrow Hallway Decoration Ideas 3

Creating a gallery wall with family photos gives the narrow hallway an elegant look without cluttering up the precious space.

4. A Blue and White Corridor

Narrow Hallway Decoration Ideas 4

If you happen to have a narrow corridor with graceful white walls, add a gorgeous navy runner, a blue wall tapestry, and a planter on a side table to complement the look. Read more here.

5. A Narrow Hallway with Floating Shelves, Mirror, and Planter

Narrow Hallway Decoration Ideas 5

Use ledge-like floating shelves, a mirror, and a planter on a chair to give your narrow passageway something worth observing.

6. Use Every Inch of Space

Narrow Hallway Decoration Ideas 6

This wall-mounted hallway decor not only gives extra space to organize planter, carry bags, and keys but also creates visual interest. Add a letter board or stunning artwork to complete the look.

7. Install White Paper Lanterns

Narrow Hallway Decoration Ideas 7

All you have to do is install a couple of white paper lanterns from the hallway ceiling to make the space more lively and attractive.

8. Ornate Mirror with Golden Chandelier and Wood Artwork

Narrow Hallway Decoration Ideas 8

Add some pizzazz to your narrow passageway by investing in an ornate mirror, a collection of large wood artwork, and a golden chandelier.

9. Make a Mini Makeup Junction

Narrow Hallway Decoration Ideas 9

Set up a vanity table at the end of a hallway to make the spot feel less abrupt and more functional. It’s one of the best narrow hallway decoration ideas to take inspiration from.

10. Choose Tapestry

Narrow Hallway Decoration Ideas 10

Are you looking for a minimalistic yet elegant narrow corridor decor idea? Look no further and hang a tapestry or two on the wall.

11. Display a Collection

Narrow Hallway Decoration Ideas 11

To achieve a captivating look, decorate the end of your narrow passageway with a round mirror, a vase, books, mini planters, and a rattan basket.

12. Artworks, Rug, and Books

Narrow Hallway Decoration Ideas 12

Beautify your narrow corridor with books, magazines, a black & white rug, and a shallow floating shelf to display paintings.

13. Moravian Starlights and Rustic Mirrors

Narrow Passageway Decor Idea

Transform a compact passageway into a stylish destination with Moravian starlights and rustic mirrors. It’s one of the best narrow hallway decoration ideas on this list.

14. Make a Focal Point

Narrow Passageway Decor Idea

This narrow hallway is full of drama and character, thanks to the vibrant patterned wallpaper, a colorful rug, a white umbrella holder, cut flowers, a bold colored cabinet, mini sculptures, and candles.

15. Paint All White

Paint All White

Painting hallway walls into white is a simple way to bring style to the narrow hallway. Plus, the white hue makes the area more bright and airy. You can use a big mirror, flowers, and other decorations for an added charm.

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