6 Orange Fruits That Look Like a Tomato

These Orange Fruits That Look Like a Tomato will definitely catch your eye with their striking resemblance!

Did you know there are some orange fruits that look like a tomato? If not, read this article to learn more about these amazing doppelgangers. They are not only visually interesting but also have a unique taste.

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Orange Fruits That Look Like A Tomato

1. Cape Gooseberry

Orange Fruits That Looks Like a Tomato 1

Botanical Name – Physalis peruviana

Cape gooseberry is a herbaceous plant with round orange-yellow fruits that look like miniature tomatoes. Before ripening, these juicy berries are covered in papery husks. They have a sweet flavor with a mild grape-like tang.

2. Asian Persimmon

Orange Fruits That Look Like A Tomato 2

Botanical Name – Diospyros kaki

Native to Eastern Asia and India, this deciduous tree offers edible tomato-like globular/oval, 3-4 inch orange fruits. Persimmons are sweet and slightly tangy with a soft to fibrous texture. They can be eaten fresh, dried, or even cooked.

3. Tamarillo

Orange Fruits That Look Like A Tomato 3

Botanical Name – Solanum betaceum

Next on the list of orange fruits that look like a tomato is tamarillo, also known as the tree tomato. Tamarillo was used in traditional medicines to fight against anemia and respiratory diseases.

4. Pumpkin Tree

Pumpkin Tree

Botanical Name – Solanum integrifolium

The fruits of solanum integrifolium not only resemble miniature pumpkins but also look identical to tomatoes. They are generally harvested to use in stir-fry dishes and display jars for fall decorations.

5. Quito Orange

Quito Orange

Botanical Name – Solanum quitoense

Quito orange is an herbaceous shrub that produces hairy, tomato-shaped orange fruits on thick, cylindrical stems. These fruits have acidic, green to yellowish pulp with pineapple-lemon savor.

Note – Its fruits have high amounts of fiber, citric acid, vitamins, and minerals. 

6. Cocona

Cocona in garden

Botanical Name – Solanum sessiliflorum

A member of the Solanaceae family, Cocona boasts orange and yellow-hued fruits that can be eaten fresh or cooked in meat stews. You can also make juice, candies, or pickles out of them.

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