9 Orchids that Smell Like Chocolate

If you want floral specimens that look great and smell wonderful, then you’ll definitely love these Orchids that Smell Like Chocolate!

Love the smell of chocolate? Then, you’ll be thrilled to discover orchids that exude this beloved scent. These specimens not only look stunning but also fill the space with the delightful scent of cocoa.

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Orchids that Smell Like Chocolate

1. Wilsonara Orchid

Orchids that Smell Like Chocolate 1

Botanical Name: Wilsonara kolibri

Besides its flamboyant appearance, the wilsonara orchid is prized for its sweet, chocolatey scent. This specimen was hybridized by K. Krieger in the year 1984.

2. Oncidium Heaven Scent Redolence

Orchids that Smell Like Chocolate 2

Botanical Name: Oncidium Heaven Scent ‘Redolence’

This orchid variety is popular among gardeners for its vivid multi-colored blooms and cocoa-like fragrance. It’s a great gift for coca and plant lovers.

3. Cycnoches Orchid

Orchids that Smell Like Chocolate 3

Botanical Name: Cycnoches cooperi

Cycnoches cooperi is another chocolate-scented orchid that you must won’t overlook. Its 9 cm wide brown-hued flowers create a breathtaking floral show in summer.

4. Encyclia Orchid

Orchids that Smell Like Chocolate 4

Botanical Name: Encyclia cordigera

Encyclia orchid attracts passersby with their unique petal structure and distinct cocoa-like fragrance. However, some growers also describe its smell as roses.

5. Oncidium Aka Baby ‘Raspberry Chocolate’

Orchids that Smell Like Chocolate 5

Botanical Name: Oncidium Aka Baby ‘Raspberry Chocolate’

This orchid not only delights with its chocolatey fragrance but also adds visual interest to the garden with its beautiful blooms. Each inflorescence can display up to 64 flowers that last for two months.

6. Dancing Lady Orchid

Dancing Lady Orchid

Botanical Name: Oncidium ‘Sharry Baby’

Dancing Lady orchid is an award-winning specimen that offers a subtle aroma of chocolate and vanilla. Avoid overwatering this plant because it’s prone to root rot.

7. Chocolate Doll of Cuba

Chocolate Doll of Cuba

Botanical Name: Encyclia phoenicea

Native to the Bahamas, Cuba, Cayman Islands, and Caicos, this orchid bears beautiful flowers with a cocoa-like fragrance. It requires bright light, fir bark with perlite, and drying periods between watering for prolific blooms.

8. Monkey Face OrchidMonkey Face Orchid

Botanical Name: Dracula simia

This monkey-face orchid soothes the senses with its orange and chocolate-like aroma. Its unique blooms mimic the face of a monkey, hence the name.

9. Dendrobium Orchid

Dendrobium Orchid

Botanical Name: Dendrobium bensoniae

Dendrobium orchid is a must-have flowering plant for cake lovers because it offers a cake-like aroma with chocolate undertones. It thrives in warm to hot temperatures.

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