9 Types of Pine Trees in NC | North Carolina Pine Trees

Find out about the unique features and more about these best varieties of NC Pine Trees in this well-curated article!

Besides adding visual interest, pine trees are a vital part of North Carolina’s natural landscape. They contribute significantly to the state’s biodiversity and offer habitat to local wildlife.

Pine Trees in NC

1. Table Mountain PinePine trees in NC

Botanical Name – Pinus pungens

Endemic to the Appalachian Mountains, this pine tree boasts stiff, yellow-green needles and brownish cones from September to October. This specimen is used commercially for lumber, pulp, and fuel wood.

2. Loblolly Pinebeautiful Pine trees in NC

Botanical Name – Pinus taeda

A member of the Pinaceae family, loblolly pine is a popular landscape tree in North Carolina. It has a high flammability rating, thus not a good choice for small landscapes.

3. Longleaf Pinein NC Pine trees

Botanical Name – Pinus palustris

Longleaf pine is a gymnosperm tree with needle-shaped leaves, brown bark, and large cones. This state tree of North Carolina offers food and winter cover to local wildlife.

4. White Pinein NC Pine trees near car

Botanical Name – Pinus strobus

With resinous cones and bluish-green needles, this evergreen conifer is popular as a Christmas tree in parks and estates. Its brown pine cones are used to decorate model railroading and Christmas trees.

5. Shortleaf Pinein NC Pine trees

Botanical Name – Pinus echinata

Shortleaf pine is a commercially valuable tree in North Carolina for lumber, plywood, turpentine, and wood pulp. This tree loves full sun but can tolerate light shade occasionally.

6. Pond PinePine trees in NC

Botanical Name – Pinus serotina

This native pine tree has a crooked growth pattern and an irregular top. It’s a common sight near swamps, shallow bays, and ponds on the NC Coastal Plain.

7. Virginia Pine

Botanical Name – Pinus virginiana

Virginia pine is a small evergreen conifer with spiny scaled cones, an irregular crown, and reddish-brown bark. This tree has a short life span of 65-90 years in its native habitat.

8. Slash Pine

Botanical Name – Pinus elliottii

Slash pine is valued in North Carolina for its umbrella-shaped crown, glossy brown cone, and dark green needles. It’s a fast-growing tree that is capable of reaching 100 feet in height.

9. Pitch Pine

Pine trees in NC With Beautiful weather

Botanical Name – Pinus rigida

Pitch pine is a common sight in the mountainous regions of North Carolina at elevations of 4,500 feet. This conifer is highly susceptible to damage by wind and deer.

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