8 Plants That Look Like Corn Dogs

These Plants That Look Like Corn Dogs are the best quirky, conversation-starting addition to any outdoor space!

Mother nature is full of fascinating doppelgangers. Some look like human body parts, while others resemble mushrooms. Among these imposters, there are plants that look similar to corn dogs. They are perfect specimens for adding a fun element to gardens and backyards.

Plants That Look Like Corn Dogs

1. Southern Cattail

best Plants That Look Like Corn Dogs

Botanical Name – Typha domingensis

With its cylindrical spiked inflorescence, the southern cattail looks quite similar to a corn dog. Each spike features clusters of densely packed, cinnamon-brown female flowers below yellow male blooms.

2. Sweet Flag

Plants that Look Like Corn Dogs 2

Botanical Name – Acorus calamus

Next on the list of flowering plants that look like corn dogs is the sweet flag. It’s a monocot that produces 2-4″ long, cylindrical-shaped spadixes covered with fragrant, greenish blooms in late spring.

Note – This flowering plant is a highly valued herb in Indian traditional medicine for treating a number of ailments.

3. Miniature Cattail

Plants That Look Like Corn Dogs 3

Botanical Name – Typha minima

Native to Europe and Asia, this marginal aquatic plant boasts brown sausage-like cylindrical inflorescences in summer. It thrives abundantly in marshes and wetlands in optimal growing conditions.

4. Foxtail Lily

Plants That Look Like Corn Dogs 4

Botanical Name – Eremurus robustus

Although foxtail lily doesn’t have the hue of a classic corn dog, its fluffy tubular racemes give corn dog-like vibes. The terminal flower spikes can bear up to 800 flowers in late spring to early summer.

5. Narrowleaf Cattail

Narrowleaf Cattail

Botanical Name – Typha angustifolia

Narrowleaf cattail is a spitting image of corndogs because of its tall brown flower spikes of staminate and pistillate blooms. Its young, immature blooms can be eaten either raw or cooked.

6. Bitter Ginger

Bitter Ginger

Botanical Name – Zingiber zerumbet

Adorned with showy red-pink flower bracts, bitter ginger’s cone-shaped inflorescence looks like a fancier version of corn dogs. Its vibrant flowering spike is a great addition to floral arrangements.

7. Chenille Plant

Chenille Plant

Botanical Name – Acalypha hispida

Make your garden stand out with the colorful, corndog-like catkins of the chenille plant. Every pendulous spike displays dark red and pink blooms all year long, especially as a houseplant.

8. Hybrid Cattail

Hybrid Cattail

Botanical Name – Typha × glauca

The velvety brown, cylindrical spikes of hybrid cattail might remind you of corndogs. It was invented by crossing between Typha Latifolia and Typha Angustfolia cattail species.

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