6 Plants That Look Like Dracaena

Are you looking for Plants That Look Like Dracaena? Here are some of the standout specimens to grow as replacements in your landscape!

If you love the foliar beauty of Dracaenas but want to diversify your garden with similar tropical flair, check out these amazing look-alikes!

Plants That Look Like Dracaena

1. Bird’s Nest Fern

Plants that Look Like Dracaena 1

Botanical Name – Asplenium nidus

With its strap-shaped leaves (fronds), the bird’s nest fern looks similar to some dracaena varieties. These fronds are 4-5 feet long and 8 inches wide with wavy margins and dark brown-black mid-rib.

2. Century Plant

Plants that Look Like Dracaena 2

Botanical Name – Agave americana

Native to Mexico and Southwestern America, the century plant produces dracaena-like rosettes of long, pointy leaves. It’s an excellent foliar specimen that complements all kinds of garden designs.

Note – The sap found in the leaves of century plants is poisonous to humans. Therefore, always wear gloves while handling this plant and wash your hands afterward.

3. Foxtail Agave

Plants That Look Like Dracaena 3 Botanical Name – Agave attenuata

Foxtail agave is another plant on this list of dracaena-like varieties due to its lanceolate-shaped leaf structure. The alternatively arranged leaf blades are blue-green and can become 18-36 inches long with the right care.

4. Boat Lily

Boat Lily

Botanical Name – Tradescantia spathacea

Tradescantia spathacea looks similar to the Dracaena fragrans ‘Warneckii’ because of its foliage structure. Both plants have spirally arranged, lanceolate leaves with striking green and white variegation. The distinguishing factor is the purple underside of the boat lily’s leaves. glance

5. Ti Plant

Ti Plant

Botanical Name – Cordyline fruticosa

The spirally arranged lance-shaped leaves and upright growth habit of the Ti plant can confuse novice gardeners with dracaena. These leaves can be as long as 30 inches and come in shades of green, burgundy, red, or pink.

6. Spineless Yucca


Botanical Name – Yucca elephantipesis

Spineless yucca is the spitting image of young Dracaena arborea with its sword-shaped leaves and upright trunk. It’s not easy to differentiate between these two specimens, even for experienced gardeners.

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