10 Plants With Serrated Leaves | Plants With Toothed Leaves

These amazing Plants with Serrated Leaves are perfect for adding drama and visual interest to any garden setting!

Thinking about adding some peculiar green specimens to your garden? Consider plants with serrated leaves. Their unique leaf structure is not only visually striking but also helps in the survival and growth of the plant.

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Plants With Serrated Leaves

1. Copper Plant

Copper Plant Plants With Serrated Leaves

Botanical Name: Acalypha wilkesiana

Copper Plant is a tropical shrub with heart-shaped serrated leaves in shades of green, purple, yellow, orange, or white. Its foliage can become 4-8 inches long in ideal growing conditions.

2. Chicory

Plants With Serrated Leaves 2

Botanical Name: Cichorium intybus

This botanical specimen produces lance-shaped, toothed leaves similar to dandelion. Its bitter-flavored leaves are used for culinary and medicinal purposes.

3. Variegated English Holly

Plants With Serrated Leaves 3
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Botanical Name: Ilex aquifolium ‘Argentea Marginata’

This holy variety is treasured for its shiny, variegated leaves with serrated margins and prickly spines. It can grow up to 15-40 feet tall and 10-20 feet wide in full sun to partial shade conditions.

4. Red Raspberry

Red Raspberry

Botanical Name: Rubus idaeus

Native to Eurasia, this perennial shrub offers 3-6 inches long serrated foliage and sweet fruits. Its leaves are considered an excellent substitute for coffee.

5. Spearmint

Plants With Toothed Leaves

Botanical Name: Mentha spicata

Spearmint is an aromatic herb that produces ovate leaves with serrated edges and a wrinkled appearance. Its foliage is a popular ingredient in beverages, ice cream, jellies, fruit salad, and candies.

6. Karma Sangria Dahlia

Karma Sangria Dahlia

Botanical Name: Dahlia ‘Karma Sangria’

This magnificent dahlia variety is prized for its dark green serrated foliage and hot pink flowers with a hint of yellow. Grow this specimen in full sunlight and a well-drained potting mix for the best foliar display.

7. Stinging Nettle

Stinging Nettle

Botanical Name: Urtica dioica

Common nettle produces saw-toothed leaves with stinging hairs that can cause intense burning and itching sensation. It grows abundantly near streams, meadows, mountain slopes, woodland clearings, and disturbed areas.

8. Britt Marie Crawford

Britt Marie Crawford

Botanical Name: Ligularia dentata ‘Britt Marie Crawford’

This leopard plant variety stands out with its leathery purple-black, coarsely dentate leaves. It was discovered by Britt-Marie Crawford in Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom.

9. Lady’s Mantle

Plants With Toothed Leaves

Botanical Name: Alchemilla mollis

Lady’s mantle is popular among gardening enthusiasts for its palmately veined, velvety foliage with serrated edges. The leaves can become up to 6 inches wide with 7-11 folded lobes.

10. Garlic mustard

Plants With Toothed Leaves

Botanical Name: Alliaria petiolata

Make your garden stand out with the heart-shaped, coarsely toothed leaves of garlic mustard.

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