Top 9 Poisonous Lambsquarters Look-Alikes to Watch Out For

Don’t let these Poisonous Lambsquarters Look-Alikes fool you! Learn the key differences and stay safe from these toxic specimens!

Poisonous Lambsquarters Look-Alikes 1

Lambsquarters is a popular edible nutritious weed, but beware of its poisonous look-alikes. These harmful imposters can pose a risk to your personal and pets’ well-being. That’s why read this article to distinguish between them.

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Poisonous Lambsquarters Look-Alikes

1. Bittersweet Nightshade

Poisonous Lambsquarters Look-Alikes 2

Botanical Name – Solanum dulcamara

Bittersweet nightshade resembles lambsquarters with its green, arrow-shaped leaves. Unlike lambsquarters, its leaves are always arranged in a pair of three. This plant is poisonous to humans, pets, and horses.

2. Carolina horsenettle

Poisonous Lambsquarters Look-Alikes 3

Botanical Name – Solanum carolinense

Like lambsquarters, the Carolina horsenettle has green serrated leaves. However, you can easily differentiate this plant from lambsquarters with its white to light violet blooms.

3. Ground Cherry

Poisonous Lambsquarters Look-Alikes 4

Botanical Name – Physalis spp.

Ground cherry can be mistaken for lambsquarters because of its similar leaf shape and growth habit. The edible husked berries set this plant apart from the lambsquarters.

4. Jimsonweed

Poisonous Lambsquarters Look-Alikes 5

Botanical Name – Datura stramonium

With its irregularly toothed leaves, jimsonweed is another poisonous lambsquarters look-alikes. Its seeds and leaves are toxic to humans because of the tropane alkaloid content.

5. Palmer Amaranth

Palmer Amaranth

Botanical Name – Amaranthus palmeri

Palmer amaranth is an annual weed with dense clusters of tiny green flowers. It’s often confused with lambsquarters due to similar leaf shapes.

6. Belladonna


Botanical Name – Atropa belladonna

Belladonna is often misidentified as lambsquarters due to the strikingly identical foliage. Despite its toxic nature, this perennial herb has been used for medicinal purposes.

7. Black Nightshade

Black Nightshade

Botanical Name – Solanum nigrum

This poisonous lambsquarters look-alike plant produces wavy to dentate margined foliage and white-petalled blooms. It prefers full sunlight exposure but can easily tolerate some shade.

8. Pokeweed


Botanical Name – Phytolacca americana

The young pokeweed looks identical to lambsquarters due to its leaf structure. It can be easily identified by the reddish-purple stems because lambsquarters stems’ are green.

9. Common Foxglove

Common Foxglove
shutterstock/Zoya Pustovoyt

Botanical Name – Digitalis purpurea

Common foxglove is popular for its tall spikes of white, purple or pink bell-shaped flowers. Its foliage can be mistaken for lambsquarters due to matching leaf patterns.

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