20 Best Pothos Decor Ideas

Want to liven up your home or office space with greenery? Simply check out these eye-grabbing Pothos Decor Ideas!

From homes to office cubicles, pothos are a popular choice for decoration. Why? They’re low-maintenance, aesthetically pleasing, and purify the air. Learn the different ways to add these foliar specimens to your living space below.

Pothos Decor Ideas

1. Hanging Pothos

Pothos Decor Ideas 1

To make your home decor stand out, you only need a sturdy hook, a hanging pot, and pothos. Make sure to hang the potted pothos near an east-facing window for lush growth.

2. Floating Shelf Pothos DisplayPothos Decor Ideas 2

Line a floating shelf with potted pothos to create an eye-grabbing display. This decor idea is great for adding greenery to less-spacious apartments and offices.

3. Pothos Bathroom Sanctuary

Pothos Decor Ideas 3

As pothos can tolerate lower light levels and irregular watering, it’s an excellent specimen for bathrooms. Hang a potted pothos from the ceiling using a hook and a macramé or metal plant hanger.

4. Pothos in Open Closet

Pothos Decor Ideas 4

If you have an open closet or wardrobe, place some potted pothos on the upper shelves. This setup is a great way to make the clothing storage area a cohesive part of your home decor.

5. Window Sill Pothos Decor

Pothos Decor Ideas 5

A windowsill is an excellent option to showcase the cascading vines of potted pothos indoors. You can use this decor idea for kitchen and bathroom windows.

6. Potted Pothos on the Top of Kitchen Cabinets

Pothos Decor Ideas 6

Do you have an empty space on top of the kitchen cabinets? If yes, make the most of that unused space by displaying potted pothos. The cascading vines provide a dramatic touch to the kitchen decor.

7. Console Table Pothos Display

Console Table Pothos Display

Want a statement-making focal point for your entryway? Place a console table with a pothos plant near the entryway bench. It sets the tone for the rest of your space and offers a natural, relaxing vibe right from the entrance.

8. Hang Pothos on LadderPothos Decor Ideas 9

Instead of discarding your old wooden ladder, turn it into a vertical garden by hanging pothos plants on each step. It’s a great option to showcase greenery in less-spacious apartments.

9. Coffee Table Pothos DecorPothos Decor Ideas 10

A potted pothos on a round coffee table is a conversation-starting decor that can never go wrong in a living room. The cascading leaves subtly draw attention to this decorative piece.

10. Shelf Adorned with Pothos

Pothos Decor Ideas 11

Beautify the empty space between glass and ceramic jars on open shelves with a couple of potted pothos. This idea is great for adding greenery to a compact kitchen and laundry room.

11. Staircase Garland

Pothos Decor Ideas 12

Create a breathtaking foliar display by twining pothos vines around the staircase railing. This natural garland adds greenery to the stairs in a unique way.

12. Armoire Pothos Home Decor

Pothos Decor Ideas 13

Decorate the top of an armoire or wardrobe with a potted pothos. Its cascading vines bring depth and texture to the room.

13. Trailing Pothos on a Mini Plant StandPothos Decor Ideas 14

Looking for a simple and easy home decor idea? Look no further and grab a pothos and a mini plant stand to create a lush focal point. It not only beautifies the space but also purifies indoor air.

14. Pothos Mantel DisplayMantel Display

Liven up your fireplace mantel with beautiful pothos plants. Place the potted ones on each end or arrange them in a row for a symmetrical look.

15. Pothos Arrangement on Kitchen IslandKitchen Island Decor

Make your kitchen island stand out by displaying heart-shaped leaves of pothos plants. Pair this plant with some fruit bowls or glass domes for added charm.

16. Bathroom Ledge DisplayBathroom Ledge Display

Transform a dull bathroom ledge into a dynamic display with potted pothos. This plant thrives in humid conditions, making it an ideal choice for a bathroom environment.

17. Bookshelf Pothos DisplayBookshelf Pothos Display

Place a potted pothos on the top shelf of a bookcase and let its trailing vine cascade downards. This arrangement creates a visual effect similar to a green waterfall.

18. Balcony Railing Decor

Balcony Railing Decor

Do you want to elevate the look and feel of your balcony? Attach a potted pothos from the balcony railing to create a lush mini garden.

19. DIY Wire Grid PanelDIY Wire Grid Panel

You only need a wire grid panel, s-hooks, and some screws to create a vertical garden in the bedroom or living room. It’s a simple, budget-friendly project.

20. A Pothos Chandelier

Pothos Chandelier

Make a pothos chandelier by hanging multiple small pots in a circular pattern from the ceiling. You can use this setup in a dining or living area.

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