10 Purple Flowers with Four Petals

Explore these beautiful Purple Flowers with Four Petals to create a picturesque landscape! A must-read for every gardening enthusiast!

When it comes to enhancing a garden’s appeal, purple flowers with four petals are the best bet. Their petal structure and vibrant colors make them a great addition to any garden setting.

Purple Flowers with Four Petals

1. Sweet Rocket

Purple Flowers with Four Petals 1

Botanical Name – Hesperis matronalis

Sweet Rocket boasts four-petaled purple flowers in late spring. Butterflies and songbirds frequently visits its blooms due to their clove-like fragrance.

2. Winecup Clarkia

Purple Flowers with Four Petals 2

Botanical Name – Clarkia purpurea

Native to Western North America, the winecup clarkia offers cup-shaped purple flowers with four petals. This flowering plant needs a well-drained potting mix and full sunlight for prolific blooms.

3. Annual Honesty

Purple Flowers with Four Petals 3

Botanical Name – Lunaria annua

Annual honesty is a member of the mustard family with clawed purple blossoms. Its flowers appear in the 2nd year when propagated by seed.

4. Daikons

Purple Flowers with Four Petals 4

Botanical Name – Raphanus raphanistrum subsp. sativus

Besides their popular edible taproot, daikons attracts attention with four-petalled purplish flowers in spring. Their edible blooms are used in salads and other dishes.

5. Fireweed

Purple Flowers with Four Petals 5
shutterstock/Orest lyzhechka

Botanical Name – Epilobium angustifolium

Give your garden an eye-grabbing focal point with the purple flowers of fireweed. This botanical specimen can be easily reproduced by seeds and rhizomes.

6. Perennial Fringed Gentian

Purple Flowers with Four Petals 6

Botanical Name – Gentianopsis barbellata

With its quirky purple-blue flowers, the perennial fringed gentian is a sight to behold. These blossoms are a great addition to balcony gardens and cut flower arrangements.

7. Sea Rocket

Sea Rocket Flower
shutterstock/Odeta Lukoseviciute

Botanical Name – Cakile maritima

Sea rocket features purple flowers with four petals that bloom from June to August. Its petals are approximately 8–14 mm long, and sepals are 4-5 mm long.

8. Purple Mustard

Purple Mustard

Botanical Name – Chorispora tenella

This aromatic flowering plant is adorned with purplish petals and toothed lance-shaped foliage. It can grow up to 18 inches tall at an elevation of 3200 – 7500 feet.

9. Diamond Clarkia

Diamond Clarkia

Botanical Name – Clarkia rhomboidea

Make your garden the center of attraction with four-petalled purple flowers of diamond clarkia. These blooms appear from June to July in favorable growing conditions.

10. Glaucous Willowherb

Glaucous Willowherb

Botanical Name – Epilobium glaberrimum

Glaucous willowherb is adored by gardeners for its pale purple blooms with notched petals. It also produces green-hued hairless foliage.

Check Out These Beautiful Flowers With 4 Petals

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