14 Quirky and Interesting DIY Head Planter Ideas

Mimic these unique DIY Head Planter Ideas to display your favorite flowers, houseplants, or succulents like never before!

Instead of using regular pots, get creative and decorate your space with some quirky yet interesting planters. Here’re some creative head-shaped planters to take inspiration from.

DIY Head Planter Ideas

1. Easy Doll Head Planter

DIY Head Planter Ideas 1

Learn the easiest way to convert a doll head into a planter using this tutorial. This unusual planter is a great way to get kids involved in gardening.

2. Faux Copper Head Planter

DIY Head Planter Ideas 2

This copper-colored doll head planter is affordable and easy to make. It will be a great addition to rustic home or office decor settings.

3. $5 Head Planter Idea

Give your outdoor space some personality and character on a budget by making this chic head-shaped pot.

4. Faux Rusty Cast Iron Head Planter

DIY Head Planter Ideas 3

Check out this step-by-step tutorial to create a rustic cast iron head planter from a wig head.

5. Mannequin Head Planter

DIY Head Planter Ideas 4

All you need is a mannequin and some supplies to make your own peculiar head planter. Hop to this article to learn more.

6. Creepy Doll Head Planter Project

DIY Head Planter Ideas 5

Prepare your doorstep for Halloween with this wonderfully creepy doll’s head planter. The details are here.

7. DIY Garden Head Project

DIY Head Planter Ideas 6

Grab a foam head to bring this amazing planter to life. It’s a cheap and beginner-friendly project.

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8. Mannequin Head Cactus Planter

Watch this video to create an eye-catching cactus planter from a mannequin head. Put it on the coffee table or mantel to amp up the aesthetic appeal.

9. Homemade Cement Head Planter

DIY Head Planter Ideas 7

This homemade cement head planter will look fantastic around your garden. It’s easy and inexpensive to make using a styrofoam wig form as the base, glue, and Portland cement.

10. DIY Buddha Head Planter

Transform a plastic container into a trendy buddha head planter with this tutorial. It’s an excellent tabletop decorative for home and workspace.

11. Barbie Head to Patina Planter

Barbie Head to Patina Pot

With creativity and modifications, anyone can turn a barbie styling head into a peculiar pot. Click here to learn more.

12. Doll Head Succulent Planter

Doll Head Succulent Pot

Grab a doll head and follow these instructions to make an attractive conversation piece for your home decor.

13. Black History Month Inspired Head Planter

Look at this YouTube tutorial on how to build a black history month-inspired head planter. It will definitely attract lots of praise from your friends and family members.

14. Clay Grecian Head Pot

Here’s another head planter idea in which clay and foam head is used to create a quirky plant pot. Clay sculpting crafters will love this project.

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