26 Rental Kitchen Makeover Ideas

Discover some ingenious Rental Kitchen Makeover Ideas to make the space attractive without risking the security deposit!

If you want to give a new life to your rental cooking space, consider these clever Rental Kitchen Makeover Ideas compiled only for you.

Rental Kitchen Makeover Ideas

1. Reversible Rental Kitchen Remodel

Rental Kitchen Makeover Ideas 1

Take a look at this video to add personality to your dated rental kitchen. Although it’s a little expensive, the results are stunning and reversible.

2. $30 Rental Friendly Kitchen Upgrade

Rental Kitchen Makeover Ideas 2

For this DIY project, all you need is $30 and DIYing skills to give a new life to your old-fashioned kitchen area.

3. Extreme DIY Rental Kitchen Makeover

Rental Kitchen Makeover Ideas 3

Give your kitchenย an extreme overhaul with marble contact paper, self-adhesive backsplash, and semi-gloss paint.

4. Rental Kitchen Makeover for Under $100

Is your kitchen screaming for a makeover, but you can’t spend more than $100? Don’t spoil your mood, and check out the video.

5. DIY Rental Kitchen Transformation

Modify the appearance of your bland kitchen by covering the countertops in faux marble contact paper and adding a fun shibori-print wallpaper to the cabinets.

6. Small Renter Friendly Kitchen Modification

This compact rental kitchen is a stylish oasis, thanks to the peel and stick tiles, hanging wooden shelving, and cabinet hardware.

7. Easy DIY Rental Kitchen Revamp

Rental Kitchen Makeover Ideas 4

If you happen to have a white rental kitchen like this blogger, change the cabinet knobs, add a faux backsplash behind the sink, paint the countertops misty-gray and the lower cabinets gray-blue to see the difference.

8. Ugly Rental Kitchen Makeover

Here’s a quick tutorial to learn how to modify an ugly less spacious rental kitchen into a dreamy place with a few tweaks.

9. Amazing Renter-Friendly Kitchen Overhaul on a Budget

Brighten up your hideous rental kitchen by painting, changing the color of cabinets, adding hardware, and doing a floor treatment.

10. DIY Pinterest Style Renter-Friendly Kitchen Makeover

Rental Kitchen Makeover Ideas 5

Watch this video to give your cooking space the much-needed facelift. If you love all things black, you’ll admire this makeover project.

11. DIY Rental Kitchen Makeover

Consider this amazing idea to spruce up your retro rental kitchen into a welcoming, stylish and eye-catchy space.

12. Affordable Rental Kitchen Upgrade

In this video, the lower and upper cabinets are adorned with matte black contact paper to make the kitchen look stylish and neat! The black cabinets complement the marble countertop quite well.

13. DIY Small Rental Kitchen Makeover

If you live in Beijing in a rental apartment equipped with a less spacious kitchen begging for a makeover, this video is for you.

14. DIY Rental Kitchen Makeover For $100

Rental Kitchen Makeover Ideas 6

Give your kitchen a modern and elegant look with paint, fancy wood knobs, contact paper for countertops, and shelving. The details are here.

15. Rental Friendly Kitchen Decor Idea

Rental Kitchen Makeover Ideas 7

Take advantage of the vertical wall space to make your kitchen more lively and noticeable with multiple shelving and other small add-ons.

16. Modern Farmhouse Style Rental Kitchen Makeover

Giving a bland rental kitchen a modern farmhouse-style look is easy and budget-friendly with this tutorial.

17. $200 Renter Friendly Kitchen Upgrade

Rental Kitchen Makeover Ideas 8

Feeling trapped in a hideous rental kitchen? End the nightmare by making your rental space special with this article!

18. Complete Rental Kitchen Renovation

Rental Kitchen Makeover Ideas 9

If your landlord is humble enough to let you remodel the entire kitchen, this project is perfect for you.

19. DIY Kitchen Makeover Idea

Rental Kitchen Makeover Ideas 10

You can get fantastic visuals like KELSEY achieved in her rental kitchen with creativity. It’s one of the best rental kitchen makeover ideas to date.

20. Crazy Rental Kitchen Restyling Idea

Rental Kitchen Makeover Ideas 11

Switch up your rental cooking space from meh to captivating with chalk paint, painter’s tape, creativity, and a little patience. Learn more here.

21. Rental Kitchen from Blah to Beautiful

Kitchen from Blah to Beautiful

The focal point of this rental kitchen is the faux subway tile backsplash made from a black paint pen. Also, the bright white sprayed cabinets make this space stand out.

22. Boho Budget Rental Kitchen Redo

Boho Budget Kitchen Redo

Love everything boho? Why not fill your rental kitchen with bohemian vibes using this frugal makeover idea.

23. $330 Rental Kitchen Makeover

Rental Kitchen Makeover Ideas 14

Transform your outdated cooking space into an exquisite area by taking inspiration from this project.

24. Blush Rental Kitchen Refashion for $30

Blush Kitchen Refashion for $30

With a little bit of elbow grease and imagination, this revamp idea proves renters can customize the kitchen space without a full-blown renovation.

25. LA Rental Kitchen Customization

LA Kitchen Transformation

The DIYer in this makeover project jazz up the rental kitchen with floor touchup, new cabinet hardware, and fancy light fixtures as per her taste.

26. Beginner-Friendly Rental Kitchen Update

This beginner-friendly kitchen upgrade features floating wooden shelves, a lovely focal point in the corner, vintage knobs, a white-painted wall, and a marble vinyl countertop.

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