Scandinavian Style Christmas Card Holder

Let the Christmas posts begin! Too soon? Not at all. Admit it, every year, it might seems that so much time is left for Christmas still you are the last one to get family pictures taken. The last one to order Christmas cards. And let’s be honest, the first one scrambling to hand them out to family and friends (because it’s too late to mail them out). Don’t worry this year is going to be different as you are going to be ahead of schedule!

Just put some effort into planning ahead! Take family pictures during Thanksgiving and order Christmas cards as soon as our family pictures arrive. Which means you’ll have time to put some thought into a fun and creative way to hand them out to family and close friends this year, rather than just the norm. To create a fun Scandinavian style Christmas card holder continue reading.


  • Pine Wood
  • Table Saw (or Circular Saw – which you can rent!)
  • Sand Paper
  • Damp Cloth
  • Painters tape
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Hot glue gun
  • Photo metal clips (I found mine at Michael’s)


1. Trace your house shape onto the piece of pine.

2. Using your table saw (or circular saw), carefully cut out the shape.

3. Sand the edges and wipe the excess dust using a damp cloth.

4. Tape off sections of your house-shape to create a fun design.

5. Paint your house and allow to dry completely in between coats.

6. Carefully remove the tape.

7. Using a hot glue gun, attach the metal clip to the center of your house.

8. Press your clip firmly into the glue until it is completely secured.

9. Clip your Christmas card onto the house and enjoy!

These little houses can undoubtedly stay out all year! You can use them to hang other family pictures or even a simple grocery list. You might even be tempted to keep yours out permanently. It’s simple, modern and certainly a unique way to hand out your Christmas cards this year. We made a few extra wood houses to create a little village, which will look cute displayed in our home over the holidays. What do you think?

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