Snakeroot Extract for Toenail Fungus | How to Use It

Ditch the conventional treatments and try the natural and effective snakeroot extract for toenail fungus! Let’s find out everything in detail below!

Snakeroot is a perennial plant with more thanĀ 315 species, belongs to the ‘Asteraceae’ family. Some species of this plant thrives in warmer areas, while others love colder regions. Snakeroot is a popular folk medicine in Mexico for the treatment of superficial fungal infections. That’s why it could be an excellent option to get rid of toenail fungus rather than the costly and side effects causing antifungal medications. To find out does snakeroot extract is effective for toenail fungus, read this article till the end. But, first, it’s important to understand what toenail fungus is, its symptoms, and some prevention tips.

What Is Toenail Fungus?

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Toenail fungus is a transmittable fungal infection that makes your toenails ugly and thickened. It’s a common problem which is caused due to a fungus named ‘dermatophyte.’ This fungal infection is painful and makes your toenails aesthetically unpleasing.

The common names of toenail fungus are:

  • Onychomycosis
  • Tinea unguium

Symptoms of Toenail Fungus

People suffering from toenail fungus can experience the following symptoms:

  • Slightly unpleasant smell coming from toenails
  • Hardened and discolored nails
  • Dark color under the toenails due to debris
  • Warped toenails
  • A big white dot on the infected toenail
  • Toenails parted from the nail bed

Who Gets Toenail Fungus?

It can happen to anyone regardless of age and gender. The chances of getting toenail fungal infection increases, if you:

  • Spends most of your time in the swimming pools and near beaches
  • A diabetic patient
  • Have a vulnerable immune system
  • Visits public places more often
  • Have nail injury and tinea pedis

Snakeroot Extract for Toenail Fungus

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According to this reputed study, snakeroot extract is an excellent product to treat mild to moderate toenail fungus (Onychomycosis), all thanks to its anti-fungal activity. In this clinical trial, volunteers used snakeroot extract for six consecutive months, and surprisingly, the results are positive and encouraging. This study concludes that snakeroot extract has similar effectiveness against toenail fungus like the popular antifungal, ‘Ciclopirox.’

How to Use Snakeroot Extract for Toenail Fungus?

To get rid of onychomycosis, all you need is a bottle of snakeroot extract that you can purchase from the nearest supermarket or online store. Begin the treatment by trimming the toenails and washing your feet with antibacterial soap. Once the feet are properly dried, spread the snakeroot extract all over the problematic toenails using a cotton ball before going to bed. Redo this remedy 2-3 times a week. This treatment typically lasts for three months, and you’ll surely see positive results within this period.

How to Prevent the Reoccurrence of Toenail Fungus?

Make sure to follow the below prevention tips in your day-to-day activities to live a life free from fungal infection and to prevent its reoccurrence in the near future.

  • Whenever you went to public places, always carry shower sandals.
  • Rinse your feet with antibacterial soap and tepid water regularly.
  • Always trim your toenails with sanitized nail clippers.
  • Don’t wear damp socks and shoes. Keep them under direct sunlight for the whole day.
  • Sharing your shoes and socks with anyone is a bad idea.
  • Carry footwear made up of breathable material.
  • While visiting the salon for a pedicure, ask them to sanitize their tools.

When to Visit a Dermatologist?

Individuals with weakened immune systems, diabetes, sensitive skin, and severe toenail fungal infections, must avoid the above remedy and consult a dermatologist immediately. After using the in-home treatment, if there is no improvement or the infection becomes worse, seek medical attention right away.

Final Thoughts

Treatment of toenail fungus is quite a challenging task. However, home remedies like snakeroot extract make this job easier and are considered a safe alternative to antifungal medications. Besides, you can also use essential oils to treat onychomycosis. Share this article with your loved ones to make them aware of the effectiveness of snakeroot extract against the pesky toenail fungus.

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