33+ Spooky Halloween Bathroom Decorating Ideas

From hair-raising murder scene to the dementor wraith decor, we have gathered some of the spooky Halloween bathroom decorating ideas for you!

Halloween is on the way, and if you still lack ideas to decorate your bathroom, then find out some spooky Halloween bathroom decorating ideas to chill the spines of your guests and family.

Spooky Halloween Bathroom Decorating Ideas

1. Magic Toilet Paper HandsSpooky Halloween Bathroom Decorating Ideas1

Introduce the element of fear in your bathroom with these magical hands that appears to cradle the toilet paper.

2. Cockroach InvasionCockroach Invasion

Make your bathroom stand out from the rest by sticking a bunch of hideous roaches on the wall and floor with an adhesive or double-sided tape.

3. Murder Scene Halloween DecorMurder Scene Halloween Decor

Give your bathroom a fiercer effect by creating a scary murder scene from one of your favorite movies. Read more here.

4. Crime Scene – Do Not EnterSpooky Halloween Bathroom Decorating Ideas2

This ‘Crime scene – Do not enter’ tapes stuck on the bathroom’s door will add a little bit of drama and excitement to your murder Halloween decor idea.

5. Spooky Halloween Mummy Jar LanternsSpooky Halloween Mummy Jar Lanterns

Made with old jars and toilet paper, this mummy jar lanterns will be a great addition to your spooky Halloween bathroom decor. Add scary faces to the jars for added fun.

6. Witch Themed Bathroom DecorWitch Themed Bathroom Decor

Lighted black candles and a cup of red wine resembling blood, placed on a coffin bath caddy, are going to scare your guests to the bones. It can give a jump scare to even the strong-hearted people.

7. Spider Egg SacSpooky Halloween Bathroom Decorating Ideas3

If you are looking for a ghastly and inexpensive spooky Halloween bathroom decor, then this spider egg sac is only for you. Hang them around your bathroom door coupled with some hanging spiders.

8. Jason’s Behind the Shower CurtainJason’s Behind the Shower Curtain

Placing Jason’s life-sized prop behind the shower curtain will attract a lot of eyeballs. Whenever someone goes to the bathroom, he/she will be startled, thinking that Jason could move any time.

9. Creepy Little GirlCreepy Little Girl

Put this creepy little girl prop in the corner of your bathroom, and when your guest turns on the lights, it’ll scare them to hell. After all, it’s always creepy and surprising to see someone crawled in the corner of a room.

10. Bloody HeadSpooky Halloween Bathroom Decorating Ideas4

This head prop lying in the bathtub with lots of fake blood will send a chill down the spine of family and guests. Please note that these props and pranks are not for the gentle-hearted people.

11. Bloody Skull Candle LampBloody Skull Candle Lamp

A skull candle lamp having streaks of dripping blood is one spooky Halloween bathroom decor that you just can’t ignore. Replace your bathroom lights with some yellow spooky lights and place this candle lamp near the bathroom sink.

12. DIY Potty Peeper Halloween Decor

Turn the monotonous toilet tank into a creepy potty peeper that stares the people all the time. Check out this DIY to imitate the decor idea.

13. Bathtub With Human OrgansBathtub With Human Organs

A bathtub filled with blood, creepy organs, hands, and ears will fill up your bathroom with a complete Halloween vibe. For the blood, you can use red paint dipped in water or glycerin to give it the stickiness. However, keep in mind that you don’t want to waste water. Reuse water from the garden or any other place to cut down freshwater waste.

14. Halloween Spider Bathroom DecorSpooky Halloween Bathroom Decorating Ideas5

A bunch of plastic spiders is all you need to make your bathroom spooky this Halloween season. Place them around the sink and stick them on the walls for a ghastly effect.

15. Bloody Horror SceneBloody Horror Scene

Turn your bathroom into a bloody horror scene that looks disgusting but doesn’t smell bad at all. You can get creative and hide a live-sized fake murder behind the wall to prank your family.

16. Flying Ghost DecorFlying Ghost Decor

A levitating ghost and some shredded body parts lying in the bathroom will definitely pop out the eyeballs of your visitors. You can create the flying ghost with some string, a wig, white cloth, and a big-sized doll.

17. Scary Windows And Mirror MessagesSpooky Halloween Bathroom Decorating Ideas6

Boost your bathroom’s fear factor by imprinting a bloody hand and ‘Redrum’ on the mirror surface. Add plastic eyeballs, faux web, spiders, and pumpkins for a more creepy ambiance.

18. Corpse Halloween Bathroom DecorCorpse Halloween Bathroom Decor

Made with a bunch of wet leaves, black trash bags, old clothes, rubber snakes, and a paper bag head, this bathroom Halloween decor will create a bone-chilling experience for anyone who encounters it.

19. DIY Halloween Soap Dispenser

Add a spooky flair to your bathroom by creating these whimsical and ghoulish Halloween soap dispensers. They are super easy to make and inexpensive too.

20. Spider Toilet Seat TopperSpider Toilet Seat Topper

Stick this self-adhesive spider topper on the top of your toilet seat, which makes your guests think that spiders are climbing out of the toilet. So, better look twice before sitting down.

21. Zombie-Hand Toilet TopperSpooky Halloween Bathroom Decorating Ideas7

Feature a toilet topper with a spooky hand of a zombie that looks as if it’s coming for every human soul it can find! You can create this topper if you’re exceptional at art and craft or outsource it from nearby store.

22. Don’t Look in Shower DecorDon't Look in Shower Decor

Write ‘Don’t look in the shower’ or anything spooky on the toilet seat with crayons, and when you spray water on it, it’ll give the effect of dripping blood.

23. Jack O Lantern throwing Up in BathroomJack O Lantern throwing Up in Bathroom

Don’t forget to add a scary touch to your sink with this jack o lantern Halloween bathroom decor. Guts coming out from the pumpkin’s mouth and a few glow sticks will add a terrifying look to the decor.

24. Ghastly Bloody Wall DecorSpooky Halloween Bathroom Decorating Ideas8

Splashing fake blood on the walls will make your bathroom spooky and disgusting. Add a blood-filled knife and towel to complete the ominous look.

25. Scary SilhouetteScary Silhouette

Want your bathroom scarier? Then, embellish it with this terrifying silhouette of someone with a knife in the shower.

26. Jason Friday the 13th Halloween DecorJason Friday the 13th Halloween Decor

No spooky Halloween bathroom decor is complete without Jason Voorhees. Adorn the rest of the place with red, white curtains, fake blood, and hand imprints to amp up the ghastly decor.

27. Watch Your Back Halloween DecorSpooky Halloween Bathroom Decorating Ideas9

Place a live-sized spooky mannequin near the toilet to give your guests a feeling that they are being constantly watched by a scary witch.

28. Bats Invasion Halloween DecorBats Invasion Halloween Decor

Stick a bunch of cardboard or paper bats on your toilet wall resemble a bat invasion without spending much. Avoid using plastic accessories to cut down unnecessary plastic waste and help mother Earth flourish again.

29. Embroidery Hoop Spider WebsSpooky Halloween Bathroom Decorating Ideas10

Instead of using faux plastic spider webs, try this DIY version affix with a big black spider. Hang it anywhere in the bathroom along with any Halloween themed decor for a spooktacular effect.

30. Skeleton in a Bloody Bathtub Halloween DecorSkeleton in a Bloody Bathtub Halloween Decor

All you need is a bathtub, skeleton, and tempera paint to create this bizarre bathroom Halloween decor. Adding some fake scorpions and battery-operated candles will work as icing on a cake.

31. Ghost Mirror StickerGhost Mirror Sticker

Scare the hell out of your guests by decorating the bathroom mirror with these realistic see-through looking ghost stickers. This will keep the females from checking and embracing themselves out every now and then in the bathroom mirror.

32. Creepy Toilet Tank Decor IdeaSpooky Halloween Bathroom Decorating Ideas11

Personalize your toilet tank with a spooky character from your favorite horror movie. Anyone who goes to the bathroom will have to look at this figure while they do their business.

33. Scary Peeper CreeperScary Peeper Creeper

Make this creepy stalker look into your bathroom through the window and scare the guests and if some creepy guy is looking at them while they are doing their thing.

34. Skull Toilet Roll HolderSkull Toilet Roll Holder

Take your bathroom Halloween game to a new level by installing this skull toilet roll holder. You can either customize a homemade version with cardboard or buy it from a local Halloween store.

35. Skull FaucetSpooky Halloween Bathroom Decorating Ideas12

A gruesome skull slipped over the bathroom sink’s faucet will add a touch of spookiness to any Halloween themed decor.

36. PSYCHO Inspired Halloween Shower Curtain

If you plan to decorate your bathroom with a horrific murder scene, this psycho-inspired shower curtain will make for a great addition to the Halloween decor.

37. Faux Spiders with WebFaux Spiders with Web

Surprise your arachnophobic guests by embellishing your bathroom space with faux webs and big spiders. Adding spooky lightings will make the decor even more creepy and frightening.

38. Eerie Ghost GirlSpooky Halloween Bathroom Decorating Ideas13

Dress up a big doll with shabby outfit and place it in your bathtub to recreate this decor idea. Place it at such an angle that your guest can’t leave it unnoticed.

39. Skeleton Standing Under the ShowerSkeleton Standing Under the Shower

Add terror and laughter to your party by placing a life-sized skeleton under the shower and a dog skeleton taking away the towel. Keep the shower off for this decor idea and skip wasting water just fro added fun.

40. DIY Wraith Halloween Bathroom Decor

Are you planning for a harry potter themed spooky Halloween bathroom decorating ideas? Go for this DIY dementor wraith that looks bewitching and will be adored by every Harry Potter fan.

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