20 Succulents With Long Stems | Succulent Plants that Grow Long Stems

These Succulents With Long Stems can make a bold statement in any landscape! Here are the top varieties to grow!

Succulents with long stems can bring a unique aesthetic with their extended stems and lush leaves. These plants are not only visually striking but also surprisingly easy to care for. Learn more about such specimens below.

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Succulents With Long Stems

1. Dwarf Jade PlantSucculents With Long Stems

Botanical Name – Portulacaria afra

Native to South Africa, the elephant bush boasts fleshy, reddish-brown stems and glossy green leafage. This perennial beautifies landscapes with its pink or white blooms in late spring or early summer.

2. Burro’s Tail or BurritoSucculent Plants that Grow Long Stems

Botanical Name – Sedum morganianum

This succulent is popular for its 24-inch-long, trailing stems covered with plumpy, blue-green foliage. Its cascading nature creates a stunning visual impact in any setting.

3. Wax Ivy or Natal Ivysucculent Plants with Long Stems

Botanical Name – Senecio macroglossus

A member of the Asteraceae family, this flowering succulent features triangular leaves on 10-foot-long stems. It prefers a balance of bright light and avoids overwatering.

4. String of Dolphinssucculent Plants with king stem

Botanical Name – Senecio peregrinus

This succulent is prized for its dolphin-shaped leaves. Its long trailing stems make it perfect for hanging displays. It requires bright, indirect sunlight and occasional watering for best growth.

5. True Christmas CactusLong-stemmed succulent plants

Botanical Name – Schlumbergera x buckleyi

Christmas cactus is a festive houseplant with flattened stems and tubular flowers that bloom in winter. This plant is a holiday favorite among gardeners for adding color and cheer to indoor spaces.

6. Paintbrush Flower

Long-stem succulent plants

Botanical Name – Senecio longiflorus

This unique succulent shrub can grow up to 2-3 feet tall with elongated blue-green stems. Its striking yellow flowers make it a standout addition to any succulent collection.

7. Smooth Agave

Succulents with Long Stems 1

Botanical Name – Agave desmettiana

Featuring a 4-foot-tall stem, this beautiful foliar specimen is an excellent focal point for landscapes. It thrives profusely in filtered sunlight and well-drained potting medium.

8. Monadenium Ritchiei

Monadenium Ritchiei

Botanical Name – Euphorbia ritchiei

Monadenium ritchiei is a perennial succulent featuring 16 inches long thick cylindrical stems with conical tubercles and fleshy foliage. Avoid overwatering this beautiful specimen.

9. Sedum CuspidatumPlants with Succulents and Huge Stems

Botanical Name – Sedum Cuspidatum E.J. Alexander

Sedum Cuspidatum is a Mexico native succulent that displays red-edged green leaves on 10-inch long stems. It’s a low-maintenance plant, thus great for beginner gardeners.

10. Morning Beauty EcheveriaSucculent Plants that Grow tall Stems

Botanical Name – Echeveria subsessilis

This echeveria variety showcases an elongated stem with reddish-orange, belllike blossoms. Its elegant form and subtle coloration make it a beautiful addition to any succulent arrangement.

11. Frosty Morn SedumSucculent Plants that Grow Long Stems 3

Botanical Name – Sedum erythrostictum ‘Frosty Morn’

‘Frosty Morn’ is an eye-grabbing sedum variety with variegated foliage and small white blooms. This low-maintenance succulent is great for beds, borders, and rock gardens.

12. Century PlantPlants with Succulents and Huge Stems 1

Botanical Name – Agave salmiana

Century plant is an impressive evergreen succulent that attracts eyeballs with its single 20 to 40-foot-tall inflorescence stem. It can tolerate poor soil and drought-like conditions.

13. Jade PlantSucculents with Tall Stems 2

Botanical Name – Crassula ovata

The Jade plant is cherished by gardeners for its long, woody stems and oval, shiny green leaves. This succulent preserves water in its foliage, stems, and roots.

14. YuccaSucculents with Long Stems

Botanical Name – Yucca

Make your landscape stand out with the pointy strap-shaped leaves of the yucca plant. This garden specimen admires full sun, sandy soil, and humidity.

15. Hoya Plant

Hoya Plant

Botanical Name – Hoya carnosa

This vining succulent displays waxy, leathery leaves and star-shaped flowers on glabrous twining stems. Hoya plant loves to stay in a pot-bound condition.

16. String of Buttons

Long-stemmed succulent plants

Botanical Name – Crassula perforata

Crassula perforata is popular for its spirally arranged triangular leaves on elongated string-like stems. Its unique growth pattern makes it an interesting addition to succulent displays.

17. Rattail Cactussucculent Plants with king stem 1

Botanical Name – Aporocactus flagelliformis

This cactus variety boasts 3-6 feet long, trailing stems with small, bristly spines and showy magenta flowers. Put this succulent in a south or west-facing window to get clusters of beautiful blooms.

18. String of Pearlssucculent Plants with Long Stems 1

Botanical Name – Senecio Rowleyanus

Adorned with small, pea-shaped leaves that look like pearls on trailing stems, this succulent is a sight to behold. It’s perfect for creating a cascading effect in hanging baskets.

19. October Daphne StonecropSucculent Plants that Grow Long Stems 1

Botanical Name – Sedum sieboldii’ October Daphne’

This sedum showcases circular, blue-green leaves on ascending reddish-tinged stems. Its bark, flowers, fruits, seeds, leaves, and stems are poisonous to humans.

20. Ruby Necklace

Succulents With Long Stems 1

Botanical Name – Othonna Capensis

Add visual interest to the garden with the 2″ tall purplish-red stems and tiny, bean-like leaves of ruby necklace plant. It can become 0.25 to 0.50 feet in favorable growing conditions.

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