Swiss Cross Pineapple

Recreate this chic swiss cross pineapple decorative by transforming a wooden pineapple with a paint marker.

To make this Swiss Cross Pineapple piece, you don’t need any DIYing skills at all. In fact, this project can be easily handled by kids as well.

Swiss Cross Pineapple

Last week, I shared some thrifted wooden pineapples and talked about maybe experimenting with painting some of them. This weekend, I decided to take very small baby steps with a pineapple we found for fifty cents! So, a few days ago I headed over to Cupcakes and Cutlery to enter to win this amazing Cross and Plus Garland by The Flair Exchange and WON! I never win, so this was amazing!!! I have loved this design for a long time and even made a few pieces with the swiss cross design like Valentine’s art. I decided to use this pattern again for my pineapples and experiment with it a little!

For this project, all you will need is a wooden pineapple and a paint marker, which is a little less messy than paint and a brush. If you don’t have a wooden pineapple, no worries, you can use any other decor piece as well. Simply start making your cross pattern on the surface of the wooden pineapple with paint market, until you are satisfied with the design!

I have to say, it was so easy and a lot of fun. I’m feeling ready to break out the paints and try something a little riskier! For now, I love how the design works with this pineapple piece. And it matches my new darling garland! Such a classic design and I’m happy to incorporate more of it in my home.
If you have any other revamping ideas related to classic pieces like this wooden pineapple, please do let me know!
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