ZZ Plant Care Tips

If you are looking for the easiest houseplant that even a complete beginner can grow, ZZ plant is for you! Learn here how to grow and care for the ZZ plant.

To start this series off, I’ve chosen the very easy-going East African ZZ Plant! I’ve been told this particular plant thrives on neglect if that is even a thing. But really, it’s very forgiving if you forget to water it for a few days and doesn’t panic when it’s in low light. This is the perfect plant for those of you who are just wanting to test your green thumb!

The ZZ plant is great for adding a bit of emphasis in a particular area of any space! It’s upright stems and deep green, glossy leaves are what makes this plant so attractive.


Here are some ZZ plant care tips


Keep your ZZ in a bright to low light room. You don’t want to put this little guy in direct sunlight, otherwise you run the risk of scorching their pretty leaves.


While watering, remember to let the top 2-inches of soil dry. Overwatering your ZZ will be a fast way of killing it – so avoid soggy soil! You also want to keep the leaves clean by gently wiping them with a damp cloth (note: leaf shine products can run the risk of damaging the plant).


Keep in mind, the ZZ is a poisonous plant. So be sure to keep it out of reach of children and pets or be sure they don’t try to play or ingest the plant. Just to be clear, my kids have never shown any interest in my plants, and we don’t own any pets!

Because this plant only reaches about 3 feet in height, I love having it displayed on our coffee table! It’s such a beautiful and unique plant to have front and center.

Ok guys, what do you think? Feel free to shoot me any plant-related questions!

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