8 Types of Tiny Bees Species

Learn about the different types of tiny bees and their distinct features in this short yet informative article!

When we think of bees, the image of a standard honeybee comes to mind. However, the world of bees is much more diverse, especially when it comes to tiny bees. Read on to learn more about these tiny creatures.

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Types of Tiny Bees

1. Sweat Bee

Tiny Bees 1
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Scientific Name: Halictidae

A member of the Halictidae family, sweat bees are an extremely diverse group of metallic to non-metallic bees that are 1/4 to 3/4 inches in size. These tiny creatures are often attracted to human sweat.

2. Perdita minima BeeBeautiful Tiny Bees

Scientific Name: Perdita minima

Native to Southwestern United States, Perdita minima are solitary bees that are slightly less than two millimeters long. It consumes the nectar and pollen of wildflowers.

3. Miner BeeTiny Bees 3

Scientific Name: Anthophora abrupta

Anthophora abrupta are often mistaken for bumble bees due to their similar appearance. These solitary 14.5-17 mm long ground-nesters dig tunnels in the soil to lay their eggs.

4. Orchard Mason Bee

Beautiful Tiny Bees

Scientific Name: Osmia lignaria

Native to the Western US and Canada, mason bees are small-sized, early pollinators that are non-aggressive in nature. Their dark-colored bodies, with a metallic sheen, make them easy to spot in gardens.

5. Small Carpenter BeesTiny Bees 5

Scientific Name: Ceratina dupla

Belongs to the Apidae family, Ceratina dupla has a dark body with a length of 6 to 8 mm. It loves to feed on the pollen and nectar of sheep fleabane, and bantam buttons, flowers.

6. Eight-spotted Miner Bee beautiful Tiny Bees 6

Scientific Name: Perdita octomaculata

Also known as eight-spotted perdita, this small-sized bee is a member of the Andrenidae family. Perdita octomaculata is a common sight in North America.

7. Large Headed Resin Bee

Large Headed Resin Bee

Scientific Name: Heriades truncorum

Large Headed Resin Bee is a solitary bee species that is 6–8 mm long with terminal white hair bands on the abdomen. This bee creates its nest from resin.

8. Pickerelweed Shortface

 Pickerelweed Shortface

Scientific Name: Dufourea novaeangliae

A resident of the Eastern U.S., Dufourea novaeangliae is a solitary ground-nesting bee that only feeds on the Pickerelweed, hence the name. Its nests are often found in sandy soil near ponds and streams.

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