20 Uses for Irish Spring Soap in Home and Garden

From deterring pests to freshening up your car and closet, learn the numerous Uses for Irish Spring Soap below!

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Known for its distinctive refreshing scent, Irish Spring soap is more than a bathing essential. Discover some unusual Irish Spring Soap Uses in the garden and home in this well-curated article.

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Uses for Irish Spring Soap

1. Irish Spring Soap for Mice

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Irish spring soap is an excellent product to deter mice and rats without harmful chemicals. This method works because of its strong scent that rodents despise the most. Simply cut the soap into tiny pieces and place them in the car, basement, closet, and areas where rodents are a problem.

2. Great Birdhouse Cleaner

Make your birdhouses squeaky clean with the Irish spring soap. To begin this hack, mix a few pieces of soap with warm water to create a sudsy solution. Dip an old toothbrush into this mixture and gently scrub the birdhouse for a minute or two. Rinse thoroughly with water and let it dry before inviting your feathered friends back into their fresh and clean homes.

3. Makes Garden Tools Shiny

Irish spring soap is all you need to bring back the glory days of your dirty garden tools. It easily eliminates stubborn dirt and grime, leaving your tools sparkling clean. Plus, this soap stops rust from forming. The process is incredibly simple: gently rub the soap all over the tools and rinse them with water.

4. Irish Spring Soap for Better Smelling Closet

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Over time, closets and dresser drawers start to develop a musty smell due to a lack of ventilation, humidity, and the growth of mold or mildew. However, you can easily freshen them up with a bar of Irish spring soap. Its strong fragrant mask the unpleasant odor quite easily.

5. Handsaw Lubricator

If your handsaw gets stuck or doesn’t glide smoothly while cutting, rub the soap over the blade. The soap reduces friction, making the sawing process easier and more efficient. Ensure to clean your tools after use to prevent any buildup or residue from the soap.

6. DIY Pin Cushion

Did you know that a bar of Irish spring soap can be used as a pin cushion? By pushing the pins and needles into the soap pin cushion, slightly coats them with soap. This makes them glide through fabric much easier when you’re sewing.

7. Repel Ants

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You only need a bar of Irish spring soap to discourage the ants from entering your home and garden area. Simply scatter a few tiny pieces of Irish spring soap around the perimeter of your home and garden. Its potent fragrance is what keeps them far, far away.

8. Great Car Air Freshener

Irish spring soap is an outstanding car air freshener. Grab a bar of soap, remove the outer packing, and wrap it with a piece of fabric. After that, put the soap under the seat to freshen up your vehicle for a long period of time.

9. Fixes Squeaky Door Hinges

Having a squeaky door hinge? Say goodbye to this annoying issue with a bar of Irish spring soap. Rub this soap along the hinge pins and edges to quiet the annoying squeak.

10. Keeps Deer Away

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Keeping deer far away from the garden is undoubtedly one of the best Irish spring soap uses. Grab some muslin drawstring bags, fill them with small chunks of Irish spring soap, and hang them strategically in the garden.

11. Eliminates Fleas

Combining water and Irish spring soap is an effective and low-cost solution for getting rid of fleas. Wash your pet with this soap to ensure fleas-free pet fur. You’ll notice the results within 2-3 days.

12. Keeps Dog and Cats Off the Lawn

Irish Spring soap is a simple yet effective way to discourage neighborhood pets from entering your lawn. Spread small chunks around your garden’s edges to create a scent barrier that most pets will think twice before crossing.

13. Deodrizes Backpack, Suitcases, Laundry, and ShoesUses for Irish Spring Soap 6

Use Irish Spring soap to keep your belongings fresh. Simply place a bar in your backpack, suitcase, laundry basket, or shoes to eliminate unpleasant odors. It’s one of the best Irish spring soap uses.

14. Unsticks Stuck Zipper

If you’re battling a stubborn zipper that refuses to glide smoothly, Irish spring soap can be your easy solution. Just rub the soap lightly along the teeth of the zipper. The soap serves as a lubricant, allowing the zipper to move freely again.

15. A Great Rabbit Repellent

As rabbits hate the strong scent of Irish spring soap, it’s an excellent product to keep them at bay. Shred or cut the soap into pieces and scatter around the plants.

16. De-fog a Mirror

De-fog a Mirror

To prevent your bathroom mirror from fogging up after a hot shower, use Irish Spring soap. Rub a bar of soap lightly over the mirror’s surface and then gently buff it clean with a dry cloth. This simple trick forms a protective layer over the mirror that stops fogging.

17. Make Camp Cooking Cleanup Easier

When camping, a little bit of Irish spring soap can keep your cookware cleaner. Just rub a thin layer of the soap on the outside of your pots and pans before use. This makes the soot easier to wipe off after cooking over a campfire, reducing clean-up time.

18. Fix Sticky Drawers and Sliding Doors

Fix Sticky Drawers and Sliding Doors

If your drawers or sliding doors aren’t gliding as smoothly as they should, grab a bar of Irish spring soap. Rub it along the edges and tracks to reduce friction, resulting in a smoother operation.

19. Excellent Air Freshener

Keep your spaces smelling clean and fresh by strategically placing unwrapped bars of Irish spring soap around your home. Its potent and refreshing scent diffuses over time, providing a long-lasting alternative to traditional air fresheners.

20. Repairs Small Holes in Walls

Repairs Small Holes in Walls

Want a cheap and quick fix for tiny wall holes? Irish spring soap is the right choice for you. Just rub it gently over the hole until it looks flat and even, then paint with the desired hue.

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